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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


mercoledì 7 febbraio 2018

Paedo MP raped boy, shared photos of abuse among Westminster paedos

MP raped boy in flat and photographs of abuse were shared among Westminster paedophiles, public inquiry is told

A new allegation of child sexual abuse has been made against former Leicester MP Greville Janner – more than two years after his death.
Lord Janner, who died aged 87 in December 2015, raped a young boy – who was at the time living in a children’s home – in an upmarket block of flats in London.
Photographs of the act of abuse were included in a pamphlet which is now said to have been circulated among paedophiles in the Houses of Parliament.
The claims were outlined by the legal team representing the victim during a hearing last week of the Government’s Independent Inquiry into child Sexual Abuse, (IICSA).
The inquiry is examining 13 separate ‘strands’ ofabuse within institutions, such as Parliament, children’s homes and the Anglican and Catholic churches.
One of the strands focuses entirely on the allegations against Lord Janner – whose family insist he was innocent of any wrongdoing.
However, the new allegation emerged during last Wednesday’s preliminary hearing into alleged abuse carried out by senior Westminster politicians.
Lawyers acting for the victim – who will be known in the inquiry as A4 in order to protect his identity – were applying for him to be allowed to participate in the Westminster strand.
Sam Stein QC, who represents A4, told the inquiry last Wednesday that Lord Janner took the boy to a nightclub in London and raped him later in a block of apartments called Dolphin Square that night.
Mr Stein said a police officer spoke to the boy inside the club and took his details.
Mr Stein said: “It is obvious, says A4, that he looked young. It would have been clear he was in an inappropriate situation.
“Nevertheless, the police officer was and would have been aware of his position, tolerated it, allowed it and was complicit in allowing him to stay there.
He was then abused that night. He was raped.
Photographs of that abuse were taken and he was told by the person, who is in his mind, the facilitator, that those photographs, being in a pamphlet, were being shown at Westminster.
Lord Janner’s three children, who have been granted core participant status for the inquiry into their father, also applied to take part in the Westminster strand.
Daniel Janner told the hearing he had never heard A4’s allegation before.
He said: “My late father was a man of great integrity and principle who fought all his life for truth and justice.
“My beloved and wonderful father died an innocent man.
“Like other distinguished Westminster politicians, his reputation is very much at risk in this strand.
“This strand does risk turning into a witch-hunt of dead politicians, a circus where fantasists will have free rein to live out their fantasies in evidence.
“There were no paedophile rings at Westminster, save in warped imaginations.”
The chairwoman of the inquiry, Professor Alexis Jay will rule on the applications for core participant status in due course.

New rape allegation made against former Leicester MP, the late Greville Janner Ciaran Fagan 6 FEB 2018

The inquiry team has confirmed up to 40 people or organisations, including 33 alleged victims, have been granted core participant status.

Core participants will be granted special rights throughout the inquiry, such as receiving documents, making legal submissions, suggesting questions and receiving advance notice of the inquiry’s report.

The seven organisations include Leicestershire Police, Leicestershire County Council and the Labour Party – all of whom will be asked about why he was not charged with offences against children when he was alive and well and what was known about his sexual interest in children.

Speaking at the inquiry’s first preliminary hearing in the Janner strand, in March 2016, the former counsel to the inquiry Ben Emmerson QC said: “The allegations in summary are Greville Janner exploited children and perpetrated a full range of sexual offences against them, including what would now be termed as rape.

The offending was alleged to have taken place at children’s homes in Leicestershire and hotels, and dated between 1955 and 1988, the hearing was told.

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