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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


venerdì 16 febbraio 2018

Man charged with sexual abuse of 3-year-old girl

BLUEFIELD — A Bluefield man was held on $1 million bond after being charged with sexual assault, sexual abuse and incest of a 3-year-old female.

Henry V. Bennett, 25, of Bluefield, was arrested Monday by Detective J.B. Fox and Sgt. Kenny Adams with the Bluefield Police Department.

In a criminal complaint, Fox said Bennett initially denied the allegations but later “ultimately confessed” to the sexual assault and abuse.

Bennett told authorities on one occasion he was having sexual relations with his wife when the child was in the bed, and he “accidentally” placed a sexual paraphernalia device in the child’s buttocks, the complaint stated.

In another incident, Fox wrote, Bennett said he was having oral sex with his wife in a dark bedroom when his wife left the room to go to the bathroom.

Fox stated in the complaint that Bennett said the 3-year-old then came into the room and began performing oral sex on him.

“Henry advised he told [his wife] of this and explained it was an accident,” the complaint stated.

First-degree sexual assault carries a penalty of 15 to 35 years in prison. Sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian is punishable by 10 to 20 years in prison. Incest carries a prison term of five to 15 years.

After an arraignment Tuesday morning before Mercer County Magistrate Susan Honaker, Bennett was remanded back into custody.

Fox said authorities were tipped off to the case by Child Protective Service workers.

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