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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


giovedì 4 gennaio 2018


A Missouri man admitted to raping an 8-year-old girl and forcing her to eat methamphetamines and smoke cigarettes and marijuana, according to local media reports.

Brett Pendleton, 48, has been charged with statutory sodomy or attempted sodomy and endangering the welfare of a child, according to court records. He’s from Union, Mo., but committed the crimes in Washington, Mo., west of St. Louis.
Pendleton was on parole for manufacturing meth at the time, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
He was alone with the girl for about seven hours in an American Inn motel.
When the girl’s mother returned, the girl asked to speak with her mother alone in the bathroom and said Pendleton had hurt her.
The girl told Washington police that Pendleton forced drugs and sexual acts on her, according to Fox2.
The girl was taken to a hospital but later released, Washington Police Sgt. Steve Sitzes told the Post-Dispatch.
“As you can imagine an 8-year-old on meth, not a sight you see every day,” Sitzes said. “She was very fidgety, very amped up.”
The girl is a relative of Pendleton’s and had permission from her mother to stay with him. But when her mother stopped receiving text messages from her daughter, she began to worry and set out to find her.
Pendleton drove away from the motel as police were responding, they said. He was later apprehended, and a search of his motel room corroborates the allegations, the Post-Dispatch reported.
Pendleton reportedly admitted to rolling meth in toilet paper and feeding it to the girl. He also confessed to engaging in sexual contact with her.
He is in custody in Franklin County on a $250,000, cash-only bond.

BURLEY— A Burley man is charged with rape after Cassia County Sheriff detectives said he raped a mentally disabled girl multiple times.
Steven Ray Shaw Jr., 40, is charged with seven counts of felony rape of a person incapable of giving legal consent, felony counts of sexual battery of a child and battery with intent to commit a serious felony.
Investigators said in court records that he began having sexual contact with the girl starting on July 2, 2017, her 16th birthday.
Detectives said Shaw first had sex with the girl after he invited her and her little brother to go with him to Canada in his semi-truck.
Court documents say Shaw assaulted the girl 13 or 14 times.

MOSCOW, ID - The City of Lewiston's former Information Technology director has been sentenced to prison for raping a 14-year-old girl multiple times at his Kendrick home over a two-year period, although he could be released within a year.  

Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson says 48-year-old Eric N. Scott, who previously pled guilty to Felony Rape as charged, was sentenced to 5 to 20 years in prison by Second District Court Judge Jay Gaskill, who then retained jurisdiction over the case.
"This is commonly referred to as a “rider”.  Mr. Scott was immediately taken into custody pending delivery to IDOC.  His case will be reviewed sometime w/in the next year.  The court reserved ruling on ordering a civil penalty, but did extend the No Contact Order," Thompson says.
Scott was arrested last January by the Idaho State Police as he left his office.  According to court documents, he raped the girl "on approximately five (5) unknown dates" between March of 2012 and March of 2014.
A Probable Cause Affidavit says Scott was recorded by the girl's mother and he admitted to raping her.  The document adds that in an unrecorded conversation Scott reportedly admitted that some molestation occurred in Arizona as well.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man who swore to serve and protect the public molested the daughter he adopted for years as he climbed the ranks of the Louisville Metro Police Department. 
Retired LMPD Lt. Sean Jackman was sentenced to 15 years in prison in a Louisville courtroom. He pleaded guilty last October to a dozen charges including sodomy and incest.
Samantha Killary, Jackman's adopted daughter, has publicly spoken about the abuse.
"I love you and I hate you, and despite everything that you've done to me, all I want is for my dad to take me into his arms and make this all go away," Killary told Jackman in court.
Jackman sat silent in court as his daughter poured her heart out, but it was his words in a recording that finally brought closure to years of sexual abuse. In a Sept. 2016 phone call recorded by police, Killary confronted Jackman about the abuse. WDRB obtained the recording from the public court file:
Jackman: "I do have this pit in my gut all the time when I think about it. How remorseful I am about the worst, worst thing ever in my life."
Killary: "I'm so confused how we went from, from you trying to educate me to you performing oral sex on me, Dad."
Jackman: "I told you, I don't really have any type of a logical lie. Way back when your mom and I were still together, I got tied up in stupid Internet porn crap."
Jackman adopted her as a toddler, and Killary said the molestation happened in her pre-teen and teenage years from 2001 to 2005. She came forward as an adult in 2015 after Jackman retired from LMPD. He served on the now-defunct VIPER unit tasked with solving the city's most violent crimes. 
With the phone call in evidence, Jackman ultimately confessed to sodomy, wanton endangerment and incest.
Traditionally, child sex abuse victims are not named, but Killary took her story public, saying her father was about to get a slap on the wrist: a possible plea deal where he'd only have to serve two years of the 50 he faced if convicted at trial.
"I hope that someone can hear my story and know that it's OK to come forward, and your voice does matter," she said.
Jackman's 15-year sentence includes sex offender treatment.
"I hope you think about this," Judge Darryl Lavery said. "I don't understand at all why you did these things, what led you to do them, but treatment is going to be part of your sentence, and I hope you think about how it's impacted your daughter." 
Killary said that, while she's a survivor, this it is not a victory. 
"I am happy to have closure, and I feel like no matter how long the sentence is, it's still me losing my father," she said.
Jackman is eligible for parole in three years. 

Former LMPD officer sentenced to 15 years in prison for molesting his daughter Jan 03, 2018

Audrain County Prosecuting Attorney Jacob Shellabarger announced on his Twitter feed in December that the Eastern District Court of Appeals has issued its mandate affirming the conviction of Dayton Eugene Durham, now age 37, and formerly of Mexico, Mo., and his sentence of 90 years in prison. 

That mandate was handed down by Audrain County Circuit Court Judge Wesley C. Dalton in September, 2016. Durham was convicted by an Audrain County jury in July 2016 for committing statutory rape, statutory sodomy, enticement of a child, endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree, and child molestation in the first degree.

The judge gave Durham the maximum sentence on each and all of the counts, then ran each of the rape, sodomy and enticement counts to 30 years each, consecutive to each other for a total of 90 years. The endangering and molestation counts were run concurrent.

This case tore a family apart and is particularly tragic and sad because the child’s own grandmother called her a liar and her family told her they didn’t believe her.” Shellabarger said.

“Dayton Durham’s actions violated a family’s trust, hurt a little girl and have caused pain to our community beyond just this girl’s personal, private pain. The brave young girl told about the horrible things Dayton Durham did, in spite of great challenges, and law enforcement did a thorough and complete investigation to ensure this precious child didn’t stand alone in holding her abuser accountable. These years of abuse, prosecuted years later, have still left their scars, but a jury did the right thing and saw the truth and power in her testimony and experience. 

The Appellate Court’s mandate affirming the conviction means that an Audrain County jury, found Dayton Durham guilty of these crimes, in a full, fair trial. The jury saw and heard of the trauma, psychological and physical, that child sexual abuse has on its victims. They were focused, attentive, and were exposed to things we all hope no one ever has to see or experience – child sexual abuse and abuse of children. The jurors stayed focused on the state’s evidence, including some sensitive testimony from this little girl, and are to be commended for their toughness and diligence in holding this abuser accountable through their guilty verdicts in each of these counts.”

Shellabarger continued to discuss his thoughts in the official press release on the sentencing.

Today’s sentence is a firm, powerful message against the terrible things Dayton Durham committed against this beautiful, vibrant and amazingly brave little girl,” Shellabarger said.

“The courage she had to tell the truth, to confront their abuser, to tell him what he did to her was real, it hurt her, and he should be punished for what Dayton did was empowering to her and to our community. Together, our law enforcement partners and the multi-disciplinary team investigated a thorough, complete case and told the jury clearly of his depraved torture and sexual abuse

This case is a testament to the power of the multi-disciplinary team approach in working cases. Each involved agency: the Mexico Public Safety Department, the Audrain County Juvenile Office, Missouri Children’s Division, the Rainbow House Regional Child Advocacy Center, and the Missouri Attorney General’s Office was invaluable in seeing this case through from charging to the appellate process. 

This jury and the courts have validated this team-based, research-backed, best-practices following multidisciplinary approach as one that informs jurors about the insidious problem of child sexual abuse and the related cover-up, secrecy and shame that can come with disclosure. 

Our victim’s advocate, Leigh Thomas, and our community victims’ advocacy groups, including the Audrain County Crisis Intervention Services, and the Mid-Mo Chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), have been patient beyond measure and supportive through the entire criminal justice process, and will continue to provide that wrap-around support that is crucial for young victims, that they are supported, safe and protected. 

Our community must make sure the victim-blaming mentality is put to rest, as these victims faced vicious treatment from others in the community–calling names, physical abuse–for telling the truth about Dayton Durham, their abuser. Some of that came from Durham’s family members, but others were from community members. 

I hope this case serves as a wake-up call that the private storm inside our victims may be more unspeakable than what’s known about the case, and survivors of abuse deserve to be taken seriously, understood, and not harassed about things they had no control over – crimes that a criminal did to them, that only he is responsible for.

Durham has 90-year sentence affirmed January 3, 2018

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, NJ — A computer repairman who once served as a volunteer firefighter and fire commissioner in Franklin Township was found guilty for multiple sex crimes he committed against children across Middlesex County.
Thomas Canales, 39, of Somerset, sexually assaulted four victims, three of whom were children, in towns ranging from Highland Park to New Brunswick and North Brunswick. The other victim was a 32-year-old woman who said he groped her on a playground in Edison last summer.
A jury found him guilty of seven criminal counts including three counts of sexual assault in the second degree, three counts of endangering the welfare of a child in the third degree, and one count of sexual contact in the fourth degree.
Canales owned a computer company known as "Scope It Out." He ran his business out of his home, which was located in the Somerset section of Franklin. He is still facing criminal charges in a case in which prosecutors say he installed a surveillance system in a client's home and then watched her through his computer and cell phone.
He has been charged with sexually assaulting children before, but was acquitted: In 2013, Canales was charged with sexually assaulting two young girls over a five-year period. One of the girls said the abuse started at a camp ground in New York when she was 10 years old. At one point when she was visiting his home in Franklin Township, she said she wasn't feeling well and Canales offered her cough syrup, reported.
When she became drowsy and was drifting in and out of consciousness, Canales sexually assaulted her, she said.
However, in January of 2016, a jury found him not guilty in those two instances. Canales and his wife, Teresa, wept in court that day.
"I'm completely thrilled and thankful to the jurors, who did the right thing," his defense attorney, James Wronko, told when his client was found not guilty. "I'm also saddened Mr. Canales had to be put through this. I can give him his freedom, I can give him back his good name, but I can't give him back what he and his family has endured since September 2013 when these allegations were made. It took part of his heart out. I can't fix that."
However, Canales was arrested anew later that same year, after more victims came forward. As Patch reported at the time, he was arrested Sept. 1, 2016 at his home in Somerset and hit with a slew of new charges.
During the new investigation, prosecutors say that Canales exposed himself to a seven-year-old girl in New Brunswick on July 3, 2016. He also was charged with criminal sexual contact for improperly touching a 32-year-old woman at a playground in an apartment complex in Edison on August 25, 2016.
He was also charged with exposing himself to an 11-year-old girl in North Brunswick on April 19, 2016 and improperly touching a 11-year-old girl in Highland Park on August 28, 2016.
His trial started in November of 2017 and a jury found him guilty Jan. 2, 2017. Canales is facing a prison term of up to 31 and a half years when he is sentenced in New Brunswick on May 11. He will have to register as a Megan's Law sex offender and also be placed on Parole Supervision for Life upon his release from prison.
Canales served as a commissioner for the volunteer Franklin Township Fire District 3 between 2011 and 2012.
Detective Bill Coleman of the New Brunswick Police Department, Detective Dominick DeCarlo of the Edison Police Department, Detective Mark Morris of the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office, Detective Sean McGraw of the Highland Park Police Department, Detective Michael Braun of the North Brunswick Police Department and Detective Mark Morris of the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office all investigated Canales in these latest charges.

A Carlisle man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for a number of historic child sex assaults during the 1970s and 1980s.

Thomas Donoghue, 65, of Lingmoor Way, was sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court last month.

Donoghue was convicted of 14 counts of indecent assault and two counts of gross indecency with a child following a trial held last year.

Detective Constable Lindsey Priestley said: “I would like to praise the victim in this case for having the courage to report the abuse to the police and their cooperation throughout the investigation

“For many years Donoghue thought he had got away with the abuse he subjected the victim to. He was cruel and controlling in carrying out consistent and horrific abuse.

His actions have had a long-lasting impact on his victim and I hope that his sentencing can provide some form of closure.

“I hope that Donoghue’s sentencing sends a clear message that those that abuse children will be investigated and can expect a lengthy prison sentence.

“I would like to reiterate our commitment to investigating thoroughly any reports of sexual abuse – whether recent or non-recent.

"I would urge anyone listening who has been subject to offences of this nature to come forward. You will be listened to.”

If you wish to report a crime or speak to an officer about an incident, please contact Cumbria Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

If you have been affected by rape or sexual assault, contact The Bridgeway Sexual Assault Support Service’s 24/7 free helpline on 0808 118 6432.

Bail was set at half a million for a man accused of molesting a 9-year-old girl in Texarkana, Ark., more than a decade ago.
Gerald Herbert Lowery Sr., 57, appeared before Miller County Circuit Judge Kirk Johnson for an initial court appearance on charges of rape and sexual indecency with a child

Lowery’s accuser, now 19, disclosed the abuse in October after keeping silent for 13 years.
According to a probable cause affidavit, the outcry was prompted by the woman’s mother’s concern over the victim’s repeated nightmares. 

The victim claims Lowery repeatedly abused her in 2004 and 2005 when she and her mother were sharing an apartment with Lowery and his girlfriend at the Links Apartments in Texarkana, Ark. The woman and her mother reported Lowery would often watch the girl, then a 6-year-old, when the adult women were at work.
TAPD Detective Shane Kirkland interviewed Lowery’s girlfriend who said she and Lowery were living short term in a Little Rock motel. Lowery’s girlfriend told Kirkland she was trying to find alternative housing for herself and her children separate from Lowery without his knowledge. The girlfriend said she had no “first hand knowledge of the abuse but that she believed (the victim’s) claims.”
Kirkland interviewed Lowery’s brother in late October, according to the affidavit. The brother told Kirkland that multiple female members of his family have confided in him that Lowery sexually abused them when they were young children.
I was able to contact one of these victims who stated she had been a victim of Gerald Lowery when she was 5 years of age but she did not wish to speak of the incidents due to it being 40 years ago,” the affidavit states.
Lowery would have been 17 at the time. Lowery’s brother said he cut off all contact with Lowery after hearing from women in his family that they had been sexually abused as children by Lowery.
Johnson set Lowery’s bail at $500,000 on the recommendation of the Miller County Prosecuting Attorneys Office. He is currently being held in the Miller County jail and is scheduled to return to court next month. If convicted of rape, Lowery faces up to life in prison.

BARTOW – Two months after a jury found him guilty of sexually molesting two young girls left in his care, Harold Parker, 63, of Lakeland, was sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison.
Standing by his lawyer, Parker offered no statement as Circuit Judge William D. Sites handed down the mandatory life sentences. Parker’s lawyer, Joseph Touger of Tampa, had sought to have the sentences run at the same time, but Sites ordered that they should run consecutively.
In October, the six-member jury also convicted Parker of attempted sexual battery on a child under 12, and state sentencing guidelines called for him to receive eight years in prison for that conviction. Sites imposed the maximum punishment of 30 years in prison, also to run consecutive to the other terms.
The oldest of the three girls told authorities in 2016 that the abuse began about seven years earlier, when she was 9, and it continued for two years, according to Parker’s arrest reports. He would take them to his glass-cutting shop so they could use his computer, but only if they sat on his lap. One girl said that’s when he would put his hand down her pants, even as she told him to stop, the arrest report states.
During the trial, jurors heard audio recordings of phone calls the girls made to Parker while police officers listened. In the recording, the girl told him she and another of the girls had discussed what he had done to them, but she wanted to move beyond it, to which Parker replied “Absolutely.”
He told the girl in the 2016 controlled phone call that he would apologize to her, but not over the phone.
“You are not going to believe how sorry I am for everything that happened in the past,” he said. “I mean, it came so close to me, pretty much ready to shoot myself and I’m not joking.”
Parker also assured the girl the abuse wouldn’t occur again, according to the arrest affidavit.
“Never will,” he told her during the call. “Never going to happen again, dear, that I can promise you.”
The jury deliberated about an hour and 40 minutes before convicting Parker.
A Grand Bay man was arrested and charged with sexually abusing a child and producing child pornography. 

The charges come more than two years after we're told the state received a tip that the abuse was happening. 
Agents with the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation's Special Victims Unit arrested 41-year-old Bryan Matthew Thompson. He was booked into Mobile County Metro Jail on charges of rape, sodomy, sexual torture, three counts of production of child pornography, and another three counts of possession of child pornography. 
According to Nicki Patterson with the Child Advocacy Center of Mobile, ALEA received a tip from Thompson's internet provider in November 2015 that child porn was being uploaded from his home in Grand Bay. But due to an apparent backup in the system, agents didn't get around to investigating the tip until recently. The tip, Patterson says, led to the physical abuse charges. Investigators say the victim was a girl, six years old at the time of the abuse.
"Our state didn't find the funding to find out what was on this computer," Patterson said. "This was submitted in Montgomery, and it sat there...our forensic investigators, the people who go in and review the computers, that's a section of our government that's massively under funded."
ALEA searched Thompson's home and officers said they found images on his computer that were being uploaded to a child porn site. Patterson says some of the images appeared to have been taken from Thompson's living room. 
Patterson, who is prosecuting this case, says she's frustrated because the state had evidence that they couldn't analyze back in 2015, and the delay left a child in danger.
"Our state didn't find the funding to find out what was on this computer...the state of Alabama seized evidence that, we couldn't analyze, and so a child was left in a very vulnerable position for two years and that just keeps me up at night."
Thompson is expected to have a court appearance this week.
A convicted paedophile appeared before a court in Berlin, charged with raping six children -- the youngest just five years old -- while working in India, local media reported.
The 59-year-old man, named as Karl-Heinz N., was convicted in 1996 by a court in Thailand for sexual offences against minors, the reports said.
According to the regional RBB television channel, investigators in Germany discovered more than 250,000 images and videos of child pornography on a hard drive at the man’s Berlin flat.
He is accused of raping six children between five and 11 years old in 2015-2016 while working in India, the DPA news agency said.
The man “had a large number of boys and young teenagers, some of which lived nearby, who worked for him on whom he performed sexual acts and filmed them,” prosecutors were quoted as saying by DPA.
RBB said the man had spent four years in a Thai jail before being freed under an amnesty.
Accusations of historic sexual abuse have been made against around ten Catholic priests in the bishopric of Sion in the canton of Valais.
The bishop of Sion, Jean-Marie Lovey, has asked the victims for forgiveness, the Swiss news agency SDA reported, quoting Radio Rhône FM.

It said the abuse of children and young people happened between the 1950s and 1990s, and all the cases were now too old for a prosecution to take place.

The paedophile priests were identified after some ten victims went to the diocese of Sion with abuse allegations last year.

Three of the accused clergymen are still alive.

One of the victims told the radio the numbers of reported abuse cases did not correspond to the reality.

He said he had met around 50 other victims in Valais, many of whom did not want to talk about what they had experienced.

The man accused the church of a cover-up, saying previous bishops had known about the sexual abuse but had done nothing except move some priests to other parishes.

But Bishop Lovey, who was appointed by Pope Francis in 2014, denied there had been an attempt to cover up the abuse.

He said priests were moved to other parishes as a preventive measure.

Between 2010 and 2016, around 220 victims informed the Swiss church authorities of abuse by ordained clergy between 1950 and 1990, SDA said.

The latest cases in Valais will be included in the church’s statistics for 2017, which have not yet been published.

In February 2017 the Swiss Bishops Conference set up a commission charged with awarding compensation to victims of historic sex abuse by Swiss priests.

The leading church authority announced it had created a 500,000 franc reparations fund to pay compensation to victims who no longer have the right to seek redress in court since the statute of limitations has passed. 

22-year-old man arrested for raping Four-year-old lady in Navsari January 3, 2018


Serial paedo jailed for preying on 15 boys 4 GENNAIO 2018

Paedo youth theater director sentenced for sexually abusing 8 children 4 GENNAIO 2018




TEEN RAPISTS 59 4 gennaio 2018

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