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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


giovedì 4 gennaio 2018


A 66-year-old Madison County man is jailed on multiple charges of sexually abusing children.

Homer Clifford Webb is charged with two counts of first-degree sodomy and one count of sexual abuse of a child younger than 12, records show. Webb is held with bail set at $150,000.
Webb was arrested by sheriff's deputies when SWAT officers went to his home this week to serve a warrant. Webb came under investigation in late November when an anonymous caller reported to the Department of Human Resources suspicions of child sexual abuse, said sheriff's Lt. Donny Shaw.
Sheriff's deputies and the local branch of the National Child Advocacy Center investigated the report and interviewed those believed to be involved, Shaw said. The victims are two children younger than 12, according to authorities. Shaw said Webb had been abusing the children for a few months.
Few details about the case are being released to protect the identity of the victims. Webb knew the children, and some of the abuse happened at his Madison County home, Shaw said.
"There was enough evidence and probable cause to obtain warrants," the lieutenant said.
If convicted, Webb faces up to life in prison and would be required to register as a sex offender.

A Medford septuagenarian jailed on accusations he sexually abused a kindergartner faces new charges involving a second child.
Jerry Duane Lodge, 72, faces an additional felony charge of first-degree sexual abuse involving another child in the same White City elementary school class, according to a Jackson County Sheriff’s Office release.
Lodge, of the 700 block of Crater Lake Avenue, has been in the Jackson County Jail since Dec. 8 on accusations he sexually touched a 5-year-old student at Lower Table Rock Elementary. Sheriff’s detectives arrested Lodge on the new felony charge. His bail increased to $1.25 million on the charge, jail records show.
A grand jury previously charged Lodge with two counts of first-degree sexual abuse, alleging Lodge touched the victim’s genitals and made the girl touch his, according to court documents. Lodge pleaded not guilty to those charges Dec. 20, court records show.
Lodge met the victims while volunteering through the Foster Grandparent Program, according to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.
The Foster Grandparent Program, administered through the Community Volunteer Network division of Pacific Retirement Services, requires volunteers to pass a criminal background check before they’re placed in the classroom. Aside from two minor traffic violations in Multnomah County, Lodge had no criminal history in Oregon.
Jackson County School District 9 notified parents of the arrest at the beginning of the month, with guidelines on how to help parents speak with children about improper touching and how to make a report.
Lodge has also volunteered at McLoughlin Middle School and Kids Unlimited in the past year, according to a previous news report. Investigators have so far found no allegations of abuse at those locations.

A Weld County man was found guilty on three charges of sexual abuse involving a child, a Weld County District Attorney press release states.
After nearly a year and a half of court hearings, the judge found Jose Garza, 35, of Evans, guilty on all counts of sexual abuse involving a child.
Garza is accused of sexually abusing a female child for three years, from April 2013 until February 2016.
The initial investigation began on Feb. 18, 2016, when the victim told one of her family members that Garza had been sexually abusing her for a few years. The victim's family member then made a police report with the Evans Police Department.
According to the victim, Garza began "fondling" her in 2013. She told police Garza eventually began "penetrating" her and would also demand her to perform oral sex on him.
Garza told the victim it was "good for her" and that she had no choice, according to the release.
When the victim would refuse to perform such acts, or ask Garza to stop, he would "smack" her. The victim also told police that Garza threatened to kill her mother if she told anyone.
Garza faces the minimum of 10 years to life behind bars.
"We take all crimes extremely seriously, and it's our job to prosecute criminals," Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke said. "But, when it comes to crimes of this nature, especially when children are involved, we have zero tolerance and seek the maximum penalty to make sure it doesn't happen again."
A sentencing hearing is scheduled for March 23, 2018.
Abuse warning signs
According to the Stop it Now! UK and Ireland campaign to prevent child sexual abuse, whose guidelines are cited by the U.S. Department of Justice, warning signs of child sexual abuse can include:
• Acting out in an inappropriate sexual way with toys or objects.
• Nightmares, sleeping problems.
• Becoming withdrawn or very clingy.
• Becoming unusually secretive.
• Sudden unexplained personality changes, mood swings and seeming insecure.
• Regressing to younger behaviors, e.g. bed-wetting.
• New adult words for body parts and no obvious source.
• Talk of a new, older friend and unexplained money or gifts.
• Self-harm (cutting, burning or other harmful activities).
• Physical signs, such as, unexplained soreness or bruises around genitals or mouth, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy.
• Running away.
Any one sign does not mean that a child was or is being sexually abused, but the presence of several suggests that a parent should begin to ask questions and consider seeking help. Keep in mind that some of these signs can emerge at other times of stress, such as during a divorce, a death of a family member or pet, problems at school or with friends, or other anxiety-inducing or traumatic events.
Signs that an adult may be using their relationship with a child for sexual reasons include:
• Refusing to allow a child sufficient privacy or to make their own decisions on personal matters.
• Insisting on physical affection such as kissing, hugging or wrestling even when the child clearly does not want it.
• Being overly interested in the sexual development of a child or teenager.
• Insisting on time alone with a child with no interruptions.
• Spending most of their spare time with children and having little interest in spending time with people their own age.
• Regularly offering to baby-sit children for free or taking children on overnight outings alone.
• Buying children expensive gifts or give them money for no apparent reason.
• Frequently walking in on children/teenagers in the bathroom.
• Treating a particular child as a favorite, making them feel "special" compared with others in the family.
• Picking on a particular child.

An Aiken County man has been arrested and charged with nearly four dozen counts of criminal sexual misconduct with a child.
Sixty pages of incident reports and warrants from the Aiken County Sheriff's Office lay out a history of sexual abuse by forty-one-year-old Timothy Mark Rogers of North Augusta. The incidents stretch back over two decades, with the first reported incident happening in 1996. The victims were all eleven years old and younger. According to the arrest warrants, the most recent victim, only around three years old, was reportedly molested by Rogers in 2015.
The warrants describe how Rogers used his hands and genitals to molest young boys and girls.

A convicted sex offender living in Salem has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexually abusing and sodomizing a boy.
Before moving to Oregon, John Edwin Woods, 61, had served prison time for sexual abuse and assault in Arizona and Georgia dating back to 1990.
In the latest case, court records show Woods was accused of subjecting a Salem-area boy under the age of 16 to sexual contact in 2015 while the boy was physically helpless.
During the same period, he also engaged in deviate sexual intercourse with the boy. 
Woods pleaded no contest and was sentenced Thursday to first-degree sexual abuse and third-degree sodomy.
During interviews with investigators, the victim speculated that he was not Woods' only victim. 
"I don't think he's going to stop," he told investigators. 
Woods' attorney indicated the sexual abuse allegations were false and stemmed from a property dispute involving the victims' family and Woods, according to court records. 
It was not Woods first time facing sexual abuse charges. 
In 1990, he was convicted of molesting an 8-year-old child in Arizona. After serving 10  years in prison, he was released and deemed to be a lifetime sex offender.
According to court records, Woods was sentenced to five years in prison in 2003 for failing to register in Texas as a sex offender. In 2011, he was sentenced to another two years in Texas prison for again failing to register as a sex offender.
Court documents in his 2011 case indicate Woods was also previously convicted of sexual assault in Georgia. 
Marion County prosecutors noted Woods' persistent involvement and his vulnerable victim as a reason for a longer sentence. According to court documents, prosecutors said his previous prison time had not deterred him from breaking the law and his incarceration was necessary for public safety. 

Bloomington Police arrested a 53-year-old man for multiple counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a victim under the age of 13.

Officers have not said how many victims the existing charges cover. But police say they believe there may be more victims in the Twin City area.
The investigation is ongoing. Detectives began investigating in mid-November along with the Department of Children and Family Services and the McLean County Children's Advocacy Center. 
Police urge people with information relating to Andre Banks' activity to contact them.

WILMINGTON, Del. — A former Dover Air Force Base airman been sentenced to 30 months in prison for sexually abusing a teenage runaway.
Twenty-one-year-old Akeem Beazer of Pompano Beach, Florida, had faced up to 15 years in prison at sentencing, but sentencing guidelines called for 24 to 30 months behind bars. Beazer pleaded guilty in September to sexual abuse of a minor.
Another former airman, 25-year-old Dalian Washington of Philadelphia, will be sentenced Feb. 21. He faces at least 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to child sex trafficking.
The two were arrested in April after a young teen, who officials say had a troubled home life and often lived on the street, told a social worker that she had stayed on the military base and had sex with service members.

It’s been 44 years since 9-year-old Roxie Ann Keathley was raped and murdered in Sheffield Township.

Timothy Papp, the man convicted of committing the crime, may be released in January.
Papp, 66, currently is serving two life sentences at the Allen-Oakwood Correctional Institution in Lima.
He was found guilty of aggravated murder and rape. He is scheduled for a parole hearing in the case in January after being denied in 2013.
Bret Vinocur, president of Block Parole Inc., has made it his life’s work to keep people like Papp behind bars.
Vinocur does this by maintaining the website, which collects the circumstances of various criminals and hosts petitions for those with parole hearings.
He said his wealth of knowledge is the result of exhaustive searches of old newspaper stories and police records.
The following narrative is based on his research:
Roxie lived in an apartment with her family at Kimberly Gardens on O’Neill Boulevard. On the day she was murdered, she and her sister Tammy were collecting pop bottles from neighbors to make money.
On March 12, 1973, they saw Papp in the parking lot of the complex and asked if he had some bottles. He told them he did, but they would have to come back for them later.
Roxie told her sister, who was returning home for dinner, that she would be back later.
She was last seen alive at 5 p.m. Her parents reported her missing at 10 p.m.
Lorain County sheriff’s deputies and volunteers searched the area, but did not find the girl.
Nearly two weeks before the disappearance, Papp and another man saw Roxie playing in the parking lot of the complex; he told the other man that he would like the 4-foot-tall, 50-pound girl to perform a sex act on him.
Papp was questioned by police on three separate occasions while the search continued.
On March 23, 1973, during the last interview, Papp gave information about a missing blue footlocker.
Roxie was found naked March 24, 1973, buried in leaves less than a mile from her parents’ home.
During Papp’s trial, then-Lorain County Coroner Dr. William E. Kishman testified Roxie’s cause of death was strangulation and that she’d been raped either before her death or during the act of dying.
When Papp was questioned again two days later, he drew a map showing the location of the footlocker and told police, “Man, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt the little girl.”
The footlocker was found less than 1,000 feet from Roxie’s body.
He was formally charged with murder the same day, and later convicted and sentenced.
Papp would later appeal his conviction claiming he was denied legal representation during his interviews with police. The case was retried in 1978 with the same result.
The following year, Papp was indicted and pleaded no contest to charges that he conspired to pay a fellow inmate $100,000 to murder his ex-wife and former Lorain County Prosecutor Joseph Grunda.
The scheme came to light when the other inmate told authorities about the plan. Papp was sentenced to four to 15 years in prison for that case, which would be served concurrently with his life sentences.
When Papp was denied parole in 2013, board members wrote their decision was based on the negative effect Papp’s release would have on the community and his unwillingness to take responsibility for the crime.
The case is aggravated by the young age of the victim,” the parole board ruling said. “The inmate maintains his innocence in this offense, saying that he helped move the body, but did not sexually assault or kill the victim.
“The aggravating factors of this offense lead the board to conclude that release would not further the interest of justice. After weighting relevant factors, the Central Office Board Review does not consider inmate suitable for release and assesses a five-year continuance.”
Vinocur said Papp has been high on his radar due to a letter to the editor Papp wrote to The Lima News in 2014.
“(The letter) complains that old law inmates need to be released,” Vinocur said in a phone interview with The Morning Journal. “When he wrote the letter initially, his name was in the paper, but he didn’t say what he did.”
Vinocur said when he realized Papp had written the letter, he was shocked and the community also seemed to be shocked.
“They wrote to the paper and called Papp for his crimes. The letter is currently available on their website, but Papp’s name has been removed.
“For an inmate to have the gall to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper stating he should get out and doesn’t mention anything of what he did; he wants out. He wants out bad.”
Vinocur said the normal parole process entails a victim’s conference in which the family of the victim meets with the board, then the board will travel to the prison and meet with Papp.
“At which point, one of three things will happen: they’re either going to deny parole, they’re going to grant parole or they’ll send it to a central office board review (or COBRA),” he said. “COBRA means they take it back to the entire board so they can discuss it.”
Vinocur believes the plot to kill Papp’s ex-wife and the former prosecutor is evidence that Papp is vengeful and has not been rehabilitated.
“It’s not like he was in there bettering himself,” Vinocur said. “This guy went to prison, and you would hope he would be remorseful. But he was on a vindictive rampage at this point.”
Vinocur says Papp should serve out his time, but he said it is imperative the public signs the petition on to help ensure that happens.
Public opinion is seriously considered by the parole board,” he said. “So the more people that sign the petition, the better off we are.
He’s the worst of the worst. This is one of the individuals that cannot be rehabilitated, that needs to serve his whole life sentence.
Putting him back on the streets would endanger the lives of everyone, especially young children.

Sheffield Township child rapist and murderer seeks parole  Keith Reynolds, The Morning Journal 01/01/18

TWO men are facing a total of 26 charges of historical sexual abuse of young boys at a children's home. 
The offences are believed to have taken place in West Sussex between 35 and 44 years ago.
John Michael Webber, 77, retired, of Clifton Hill, Brighton, and Don Grasty, 94, retired, of Beach Road, Selsey, have been summonsed to appear at Worthing Magistrates' Court on Tuesday, February 6.
The charges allege that they committed the offences at the long since closed privately-run Old Rectory Children's Home in Church Road, Singleton, against eight boys aged between nine and 15, between 1974 and 1983.
Webber, who was owner of the Home during the period of the offences, faces 12 charges - seven of indecent assault, two of gross indecency and three of buggery - almost all involving multiple incidents, committed against five boys.
Grasty, who was a manager at the Home during the same period, faces 14 charges - 10 of indecent assault, three of gross indecency, and one of buggery - again almost involving multiple incidents, committed against five boys. 
Two of the boys are alleged to have been victims of both men.
Police emphasise that the premises closed as a children's home in the late 1980s and that any management or occupants of the address since that time have no connection whatsoever with this case.

Beulah Coats’s new book “Child Sexual Abuse: It's Alright to Tell” is a timely book that focuses on the pains and struggles of abuse among children (PRWEB) 


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