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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


martedì 2 gennaio 2018


OSWEGO, N.Y. -- An Oswego man is accused of sexually abusing a child under the age of 13, according to the Oswego County Sheriff's Office.

Rodney McCormick Sr., 46, of Middle Road, was charged with seven counts of first-degree sexual abuse, a felony, and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor, deputies said.
McCormick had sexual contact with the victim at a town of Scriba residence in November, deputies said.
McCormick was arraigned in the Scriba Town Court and taken to Oswego County Jail on $10,000 cash or $20,000 bond, deputies said. He remains in jail and is due back in court.

Oswego man accused of sexually abusing child under 13, deputies say  

A 30-year-old man will spend decades in prison for molesting an elementary school aged child.
The sexual abuse happened several times in various places earlier this year.
David Allen Hovis lived in the Gaston County portion of Kings Mountain. During that time, he sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl at his home, in a field and at a laundromat in the Cleveland County part of the city, prosecutors said in court.
The Kings Mountain man knew the girl he victimized, and later told investigators he thought it was the way the two showed affection.
Once the allegations surfaced, Hovis was charged with child sex crimes in Gaston County in late February.
After investigators interviewed the child further, more charges were filed, this time in Cleveland County.
Hovis faced four counts of child sex crimes and accusations of intimidating a witness and obstruction. Those offenses occurred when Hovis used the phone in the jail to try and convince family members to persuade the child to change her story.
Hovis decided to plead guilty in both cases rather than face a jury. In October, he pleaded guilty in Gaston County. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison for charges of first-degree sex offense, statutory rape of a child and taking indecent liberties with a child.
Hovis pleaded guilty to first-degree statutory sex offense of a child less than 13 and intimidating a witness this week in Cleveland County. The conviction came with a minimum sentence of 23 years that will run concurrent with his previous convictions.

Brooklyn, Conn., man charged with sexually assaulting two teenage girls urged one of the girls to keep quiet and not say anything about their sexual contact, according to an arrest warrant.
Michael Sobieniak, 43, saw the young woman for the first time in a couple of years this fall and urged her not to say anything because he was facing charges for sexually assaulting the other teen, according to the warrant.
Instead, the 19-year-old woman disclosed to her parents that when she was 14 and 15, Sobieniak forced himself on her in his shop at the Valley View Riding Stables in Killingly and in his truck as he took the teen on trips to deliver and pick up items. Her parents called state police, who arrested Sobieniak on the new charges.
“Sobieniak told her that she shouldn’t say anything because he was on trial for some other girl coming forward about” sexual assault, according to the warrant. “Sobieniak wanted to make sure the victim didn’t say anything about him having sex with her. The victim stated that Sobieniak wanted her to be on his side against the other victims.”
The teen told state police detectives that Sobieniak insisted the other girl and others “were all lying and that she was the only girl he had sex with.” Only the two cases are pending against Sobieniak, although a third girl called Sobieniak a “child molester” but did not file a complaint with police.
Sobieniak was charged in June 2016 with sexually assaulting a girl when she was 13 to 15 years old, according to a warrant. The woman in that case disclosed the abuse when she was 22. In that case, Sobieniak is charged with three counts of fourth-degree sexual assault and four counts of risk of injury to a minor.
In the new case, for which Sobieniak was arrested, he is charged with two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault and two counts of risk of injury to a minor. He was free on $35,000 bail in the first case and posted $75,000 bail before his arraignment Tuesday in Superior Court in Danielson.
Because of the new charges, prosecutor Marissa N. Goldberg asked Judge Patricia Swords to order Sobieniak to stay away from Valley View Riding Stables and that he not leave the state. Sobieniak’s lawyer, Randall Bowers, urged the judge not to impose new restrictions until he’d had a chance to review the evidence. She agreed and scheduled a hearing for Dec. 15.
Valley View Riding Stables is the common element in each case. It is where Sobieniak got access to the girls and, according to the warrant, one of the places he sexually assaulted them.
Sobieniak’s girlfriend and the mother of his three children, Amy Lyons, owns the stable and is the head riding instructor. A call and email to Valley View Riding Stables were not returned.
In the new case, the 19-year-old told state police that Sobieniak forced himself on her five to 10 times when she was 14 and 15 years old. The teen’s family had horses at the stable and she told detectives she would work for Sobieniak by going with him to deliver plants or to pick up items to bring back to the farm. She received cash or hay for her family’s horses in return.
The woman told detectives that at first Sobieniak was friendly, “but that things got weird,” according to the warrant. She said he would hold her hand, put his arm around her and kiss her. When she tried to pull away while he kissed her, she told police, he would pull her back. He would also touch her buttocks, she told police.
The first time he forced himself on her, according to the warrant, was in the truck. They were in Massachusetts returning from delivering plants when Sobieniak pulled into a rest stop. The woman said that she climbed into the truck’s sleeper to rest while Sobieniak went into the store. When he returned to the truck, he climbed into bed too, she told police, according to the warrant.
“The victim stated that she got up to go back up front, but that he pulled her back to the bed area,” the warrant reads. Sobieniak then took her clothing off and sexually assaulted her, according to the warrant. “Sobieniak told her it would be better for her to lose her virginity to him rather than someone her age because they wouldn’t be as nice and that he would be gentle,” the warrant reads. He also sexually assaulted her in his shop at the farm, again in the truck, and in his child’s bed in his home while his family was away, according to the warrant.
The first victim to step forward told state police a similar tale — of Sobieniak sexually assaulting her in his shop, in his truck and in his home. The woman was 13 when she was first assaulted, according to the warrant.
The teen came to know Sobieniak while attending a riding camp at Valley View Riding Stables, she told police.

Warrant: Brooklyn, Conn. Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting Teenage Girls Urged One To Keep Quiet David Owens Dec 5 2017

A Florence man who was arrested in March for sexually assaulting a child will spend the rest of his life in prison after being sentenced to a minimum of 3,180 years.
Garland Root Sr., 65, was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, sexual assault on a child to form a pattern of abuse, sexual exploitation of a child, invasion of privacy for sexual gratification and promotion of obscenity to a minor. He pleaded guilty in July to a total of 53 counts.
He also was sentenced to two years in jail for one of the counts, with 277 days credit for time he already has served. Several of the counts also include 20 years of mandatory parole.
Root, who was already a registered sex offender at the time of his arrest, previously was convicted three times, including once in 1984 for "lewd and lascivious acts."
During the investigation into the crime, the Fremont County sheriff's and district attorney's offices found that Root sexually assaulted more than one victim on multiple occasions. He also had more than 280 folders on a hard drive containing thousands of images and 80 videos of a sexual nature involving children.
After the sentencing hearing, the grandparents of one of the victims said they appreciated the thoroughness of the investigation. The Daily Record is concealing their identities to protect the victim.
"I express my great pleasure at the Fremont County sheriff's department, the DA's office, court," the grandfather said. "What the people who had to investigate this went through — it's a stink you're never going to wash off. So, I admire people who can do that."
He also asked that the court ensure that their grandchild receives the best psychological care because the child's wellbeing "is forever changed."

Florence sex offender sentenced to minimum of 3,180 years in prison Sara Knuth The Daily Record 12/05/2017

A 57-year-old man, identified as a pastor, was recently indicted in the Superior Court of Guam, and accused of sexually assaulting a teenager in 2016, court documents state.
Renato Capili Bosi, also known as Ray and Pastor Raye, is a pastor at the Lighthouse Baptist Church, according to a magistrate's complaint. 
A teenage girl in March reported Bosi to police, alleging he touched her private parts while she was living with Bosi in 2016.
The girl was 14 years old at the time of crime, according to court documents. 
Her parents entrusted the girl to live with Bosi in April 2016 while the girl's mother was away and her father was ill, documents state.
The girl said in May 2016 Bosi touched her buttocks while putting utensils away at the Mangilao home, documents state. Bosi is also accused of touching the girl's private parts while he walked past her in the kitchen, according to the magistrate's complaint.
She told police she didn't tell her parents because she feared for their health, court papers state.
When the girl was back living with her parents in July 2016, she alleged Bosi would visit her frequently when he knew her parents weren't home, and she let him because, "he was a 'father figure,'" the court complaint states.
Bosi contacted the girl by phone and email and told her told her to delete his messages. One message reportedly said "pastors get tempted, too," according to the magistrate's complaint. 
The girl told authorities she became suicidal and was stressed because of Bosi's behavior, documents state. She said she finally told her parents in January and they took her out of the Baptist church. Bosi reportedly sent the teen a message, pleading with her to stay at his church, documents state. 
When Bosi was arrested, he declined to make a statement to police, court documents state. 
Bosi was indicted in October on two counts of second-degree criminal sexual as first-degree felonies, two counts of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct as misdemeanors and one count of child abuse as a misdemeanor.
According to the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention’s website, Ray Bosi was listed as a pastor for the Lighthouse Church in Guam.
The Pacific Daily News called the Baptist Convention and was told by the operator that they would not comment on whether Bosi was a pastor there.
Hours after Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention was contacted by the Pacific Daily News seeking comment, Bosi and his wife's names were removed from the website.

Pastor accused of sexually assaulting teen girl Jasmine Stole Dec. 5, 2017

A victim of the Happy Valley man accused of sex with multiple teenagers said he raped her in a child's bedroom and on the Sacramento River Trail, while another told deputies he got her pregnant at 16 and gave her a sexually transmitted disease linked to cancer, a Shasta County sheriff's investigative report says. 
Deputies arrested 32-year-old Daniel James Francioni on suspicion of sex with at least four teenage girls, one as young as 14. He's also accused of raping one of them again when she was an adult and unconscious.
Francioni told investigators he couldn't remember his accusers, the detective who interviewed him or even the witnesses he initially said could defend him because a seizure wiped out "a good chunk of his memory," the report says.
But other people interviewed about Francioni's sex crimes contradicted or even doubted that claim — including an ex-girlfriend who said the "master manipulator" fakes serious seizures to get out of trouble. 
Per the report, the mother of the most recent victim got the ball rolling on an investigation in February, when her daughter told her of the rapes. But deputies said his crimes go back to 2007, and that means there might be more victims. 
That most recent victim, who was 15 at the time, told investigators she and Francioni had sex two to three times a week throughout September and October 2016. 
While the teen told investigators she never said no or protested any other way, she said the two were not dating and she only complied because Francioni said he "would ruin her life," the report says. The girl told investigators she "froze" during the sex. 
The abuse started when she and Francioni were watching television one night at his Happy Valley home, the report says. But the incidents ended up happening "more than she could count," the girl told investigators, including as the two walked the Sacramento River Trail while waiting for her mother to finish an appointment.
"(The victim) looked at the hill and tried to block out what was occurring," the report reads. 
Per the report, Francioni told investigators that victim followed him like a "lost little puppy dog," let her "boobies" hang out, and had "daddy issues" that made her throw herself at men. The victim's mother also told investigators she believed the girl had a crush on Francioni, the report says. 
Francioni also accused the girl of being a "straight up liar" and told investigators the girl had been molested before and was "really disturbed" because of it.
Another victim said Francioni got her pregnant after he claimed to be allergic to condoms and, when she got tested during her pregnancy, found out he gave her two strains of human papillomavirus linked to cancer, per the report. 
"(The victim) described Francioni as a predator, sex addict, and master manipulator," the report reads.
The most recent victim told investigators that Francioni sometimes used condoms and sometimes didn't. 
The girl Francioni got pregnant told investigators that he does have minor seizures, but she's seen him pretend to have incapacitating ones to get out of trouble. 
"What she described Francioni having are petite mal seizures. Francioni freezes, and then falls over. After a few minutes, he is back up and remembers everything except for having the seizure," the report reads. "(The victim) has seen Francioni have way more fake seizures than real ones."
That victim told investigators Francioni faked major seizures when he was caught having sex with someone, when people confronted him over a "bad business deal" and when a family member questioned his character. 
"(The victim) said Francioni uses it as a defense mechanism," the report reads. "(She) went on to explain that Francioni really stutters when he has a real seizure, but he also fakes stuttering at times."
Investigators said Francioni claimed he went to a clinic in Virginia after his seizure there, but his fiancee said that, while he did have a seizure, he didn't seek any medical care. He told investigators who asked for medical records from the clinic that he was trying to get them, but the clinic was "giving him the run around," the report says.
Meanwhile, the brother Francioni said he stayed with in Virginia told investigators that he hadn't seen him in at least five years. And a relative of Francioni's fiancee said he didn't think the trip to Virginia happened, either. 
Francioni eventually told investigators he wouldn't participate in any more interviews, they said. 
When an investigator asked Francioni why multiple people would accuse him of the same type of crime, he said Francioni replied, "I guess I am too nice, or some (expletive) like that."

Victim: 32-year-old accused of teen rape used kid's room, river trail for sex Alayna Shulman Dec. 6, 2017

As she sentenced an HIV-infected man to 22 years in jail for raping a five-year-old child, a High Court judge called for steps to be taken to highlight acts of sexual violence.
Conrad Matthias, 61, cried and protested his innocence as he was led away after being sentenced by Justice Maria Wilson in the San Fernando Third Assizes. He also broke down in tears when he was found guilty by a nine-member jury on November 20.

61-year-old man sentenced for the rape of 5-year-old girl 7 dicembre 2017

The assault took place on a date between December 31, 2006 and January 8, 2008, at the man’s home.
Evidence led by State prosecutor Sarah de Silva was that Matthias did not allow the victim to go to the parlour with her mother and his two daughters. He ordered the child into a bedroom where he raped her and refused to stop when the child told him he was hurting her.
The assault lasted about five minutes. When he was finished Matthias told the child to put on her clothes and act like nothing had happened.
Wilson said girls under the age of 14 are vulnerable and need to be protected. She said a strong message has to be sent: “If you commit this offence, expect a custodial sentence.”
The judge referred to American actor Alyssa Milano’s #MeToo online forum where people have been tweeting about incidents of sexual harassment and assault.
“On Facebook there were 12 million posts, comments and reactions in less than 24 hours. Here in Trinidad and Tobago we could take steps to highlight and speak out against sexual violence,” she said.
Wilson called for sexual cases to be fast-tracked to avoid further trauma to the victims and highlighted several aggravating factors in the case before her.
I cannot begin to imagine the emotional and psychological impact this act had on a five-year-old,” she said.
She said the child in this matter was the youngest victim in the cases she perused and the offence carried a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.
The judge found an appropriate starting point was a 25-year sentence but reduced it after considering mitigating factors about the accused, including his age and the fact that he had a clean record.
She ordered that the 279 days he spent in prison while awaiting trial to be deducted from his sentence.

HIV-infected child rapist jailed for 22 years Sascha Wilson December 7, 2017

 — A Morrisville man was charged with more than a dozen counts of statutory rape of a child, according to arrest reports.
Moises Laracuente-Apont, 48, was charged with 20 counts of statutory rape of a child under 15 and four counts of indecent liberties with a child, according to the arrest report. He was jailed under a $5 million bond.
The charges involve two victims, according to the arrest report. 

LEXINGTON — A Lexington man has been charged with incest and statutory rape of a child.
The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into the sexual assault of a 14-year-old juvenile. The initial report stated that the 14 year juvenile was forcibly raped by Thomas Jason Knapp. Following a forensic interview conducted at The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center in Mocksville. Upon further investigation, detectives found evidence that Knapp had sexually assaulted the juvenile.
Knapp, 40, was taken into custody and charged with incest, statutory rape of a child less than 15, statutory sex offense of a child less than 15 and indecent liberties. He was placed in the Davidson County Jail with bail set at $1,000,000.

Father charged with sexually abusing 3 of his children Michaelangelo Conte The Jersey Journal Dec 6 2017



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