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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


lunedì 4 dicembre 2017


A "VILE" paedophile who sexually abused five girls by playing sick games of chance with them has been jailed for 16 years.
Derek Evans, 70, forced his young victims to draw pieces of paper out of a hat and to take part in his own perverted version of postman's knock to decide what form of sex assaults they would suffer.
Evans, of Ranelagh Avenue, Ravenscliffe, Bradford, groomed the children with sweets, cigarettes and cider and brainwashed them into thinking they would not be believed if they told anyone.
He tried to rape one girl and abused his victims in front of one another, Bradford Crown Court heard.
Evans was convicted of a total of 13 offences by a jury at Bradford Crown Court.
They included one attempted rape, seven charges of indecent assault and five counts of indecency with a child.
The jury failed to reach a verdict on one allegation of attempted rape and Judge David Hatton QC ordered a not guilty verdict to be recorded.
The abuse took place between 1982 and 1990 when three of the girls were aged under ten and two were under 13.
Sentencing him, Judge Hatton said Evans was "an offender of particular concern".
He will not be automatically released at the halfway stage of his sentence and could stay behind bars for the full 16 years if the Parole Board does not think it safe to let him out any earlier.
Judge Hatton said Evans' behaviour was vile, playing games with the girls purely for his own sexual gratification.
Victim personal statements from the complainants, now in their 30s and 40s, told of their ongoing suffering.
One woman struggled with self confidence and had turned to drink. She was over protective as a parent and often felt low.
A second suffered flashbacks. She had also turned to drink and put up barriers with her partners. She told of developing "an old head on young shoulders" when growing up.
A third woman did not like to be touched. She was emotionally numb and suffered from depression and anxiety, while another victim suffered nightmares and had overdosed on anti-depressants.
During the trial, prosecutor Nick Adlington said Evans made the girls play sexually-themed games. One involved picking small pieces of paper from a hat, each describing a sexual act to be carried out.
Another game was postman's knock when Evans would tap on a door and the girls would have to perform, or submit to, a sexual act that correlated with the number of knocks.
Although some of the complainants had told close relatives about the abuse over the years, Evans was not arrested until last year after one woman went to the police.
Evans' barrister, Kitty Colley, said: "It is inevitable that a lengthy custodial sentence must follow."
She told the court Evans was in poor health and, now aged 70, he would not know the date he would be released from prison.
She added the passage of time since the girls were abused had allowed him to rehabilitate himself. He had not committed any similar offences in the almost 30 years since.
Evans must sign on the sex offenders' register indefinitely and a Sexual Harm Prevention Order prohibits him from any unsupervised contact with girls under 16.
After the case, Sergeant Daniel Bates, of Bradford District Police, said: "Evans preyed on the vulnerability of his young victims and subjected them to sexual abuse.
"We would like to thank them for their courage in coming forward and reporting his crimes. We hope that today's outcome will give them some closure and allow them to move forward with their lives.
"We also hope it will encourage other victims of sexual abuse, who have not yet come forward, to speak with our specially trained officers at the Bradford District Safeguarding Unit. They will investigate each report sensitively and thoroughly to bring perpetrators to justice."

Pervert Derek Evans, 70, of Ravenscliffe, Bradford, who forced young girls to play 'vile' sex games is jailed for 16 years 30th November 2017

The devastated victims of a former care worker who sexually abused them have revealed how they have struggled to move on and lead normal lives. 

Former care worker Duncan Ritchie, 71, of Highfields Way, Holmewood, Chesterfield, has been jailed for 11-and-a-half years after he was found guilty of eleven sexual charges involving five teenagers following a trial.

Derby Crown Court heard how Ritchie committed the offences during the 1980s when he worked at Greenacres care home, in Clay Cross, and Lindenhurst care home, in Chesterfield. 

Prosecuting barrister Grace Hale said Ritchie had operated with planning that had involved grooming and he had abused the youngsters’ trust as he targeted vulnerable children. 

She added: “All the complainants have the same issue with trust being eroded as a result of the abuse they suffered as young children.” 

The charges included one count of indecent assault against a boy, three counts of indecent assault against a girl, one count against another girl, four counts against another girl and two counts against a further girl. 

In some cases, individual counts had involved multiple incidents and Ritchie’s overall offending had involved kissing, touching naked genitalia and breasts, masturbation, vaginal penetration, oral sex and sado-masochism

His victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, revealed how they were so badly affected by the abuse that some turned to drugs and alcohol or became suicidal and have needed counselling and rehabilitation

They also stated that they have struggled to trust people and authority figures and have had difficulties developing relationships. 

The court heard how Ritchie had been jailed for a theft in 1978 but was subsequently employed by Derbyshire County Council as a residential care worker at Greenacres and Lindenhurst

Judge Robert Egbuna told Ritchie: “You weren’t worried about being apprehended because the culture of Greenacres was to turn a blind eye and as you said the accusations were ten-a-penny.” 

He also told the defendant: “You considered vulnerable children under your care as sexual tools. You did not care about their well-being. 

He added: “You wreaked havoc and the effect has been devastating.” 

Defence barrister Clive Stockwell said Ritchie who is a married man with family and grandchildren suffers with a heart condition, high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Mr Stockwell added: “The impact is going to be most keenly felt by his family rather than him.” 

Ritchie was found guilty of eleven counts of indecent assault concerning the five victims. 

The defendant originally faced 28 sexual charges against seven teenagers but he was found not guilty on 12 counts and the remaining five counts were ordered to lie on file.

Judge Egbuna told Ritchie: “You continued to live in a matrimonial home while your victims have not had a life.

“The offending is so serious only a custodial sentence of some length is appropriate.” 

Judge Egbuna also placed Ritchie on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life. 

Following the hearing, Detective Constable Lisa Bailey who led the police investigation said: “The victims have shown immense strength throughout the trial and I hope that this conclusion will bring them some sort of closure to what has been an extremely difficult time for them.”

GREENFIELD — Steven Grogan spoke in a soft voice as he shared his side of the story.
No, the 37-year-old told the jury; he never sexually assaulted the teen girl accusing him of rape. The story she’d told investigators, the one that landed him in jail, is a fabrication, and he doesn’t know why she pointed a finger at him, he told jurors.
They didn’t believe him.
After nearly six hours of deliberation, a jury of 12 Hancock County residents found the Shirley man guilty of rape and battery at the conclusion of a three-day trial.
Grogan was convicted of all five assault-related charges he faced, including three Level 3 felony counts of rape, that were filed against him earlier this year. The abuse went on daily for nearly a year, investigators said.
Grogan’s is the first rape case to go before a Hancock County jury in nearly a decade, officials said.
Throughout the proceedings, prosecutors worked to prove Grogan repeatedly harmed a young girl who trusted him.
The state rested its case, having interviewed police, the victim and her therapist among others on the witness stand since the trial began. They told jurors Grogan abused a position of trust to take advantage of a young woman.
Grogan’s defense attorney began calling witnesses — including Grogan — and then turned the case over to the panel of Grogan’s peers.
The jury began deliberating just after 4:30 p.m. They reached their verdict just before 10 p.m.
Grogan took the witness stand in his own defense to tell the jury he never had a sexual relationship with his accuser, though he admits he on at least one occasion treated her poorly. He said during his testimony he struck the girl once, that he “popped her in the face” after she was rude to him.
He’s never had sex with her, though, Grogan said.
When asked about the girl’s behavior, he said she is often deceptive with those closest to her, and he believes she was a liar, he said.
“She was manipulating,” he said.
In their closing arguments, deputy prosecutor Cathy Wilson and Grogan’s defense attorney, Allen Lidy of Mooresville, took turns trying to convince jurors their chief witness — the victim and the defendant, respectively — was more credible than the other.
Each attorney highlighted their witness’s best qualities.
The victim graduated high school with honors, a 4.6 grade-point average and the title of 21st-Century Scholar, Wilson told the jury. She was well-behaved in school and heavily involved in activities, she said.
Grogan is a U.S. Navy veteran with five years of active-duty service, most of which was spent overseas, Lidy said. He worked full time at an area hospital before his arrest earlier this year.
Throughout the case, Wilson worked to prove a young woman had kept a terrible secret. Lidy tried to convince the jury Grogan’s accuser is untrustworthy. He followed that narrative during his closing argument, saying the teen had been “repeatedly deceptive” and pointed to times she disobeyed her parents as evidence.
A therapist testified early this week her client was uncomfortable talking about her relationship with Grogan, that it took time for her to gain the courage to say what happened.
While presenting evidence, Lidy showed the jury a taped interview between the victim and an Indiana Department of Child Services caseworker. The interview had taken place a few months before the girl made her disclosure but within the timeframe she says the abuse was ongoing.
Lidy told the judge he wanted the jury to see the girl’s demeanor and body language. She was chatty and lively, with no sign of the despair she said she felt during that time, Lidy said.
The girl crafted the rape allegations as a way to get back at Grogan for the times he had mistreated her, Lidy said.
“She’s leveled a scenario where we are left to defend the indefensible,” Lidy said.
But the girl gained nothing from lying, Wilson said during her final statements to the jury.
When the abuse occurred, the girl was a high-schooler who just wanted to live the life any other teenager had. She didn’t want to be talking to police officers, meeting with state investigators or coming to court to tell a graphic tale to strangers, Wilson said.
“These aren’t things a (teen) is going to tell you unless they happened,” Wilson said. “Do you think she wants to be looked at as a victim? No one wants that.”
This is a girl who survived her worst nightmare,” Wilson continued. “And then she came to court and told you about it.”
Prosecutors said they might never have known about the abuse had the victim not eventually confided in a therapist.
The victim said Grogan abused her regularly over the course of a year whenever they were alone together at his Shirley home, according to court records.
The girl testified that she would lie motionless in her bed while the man sexually assaulted her, silent until the abuse was over, according to court documents.
For several hours she answered questions about her interactions with Grogan, detailing the abuse she suffered.
The girl told the jury she would lie still and close her eyes, just trying to get through it. Grogan would scold her then, telling her she needed to be passionate with him and “living in the moment,” she testified.
Grogan will return to Hancock Circuit Court for sentencing on Jan. 18.
Each of the Level 3 felony counts Grogan is convicted of carries a maximum penalty of 16 years in prison; the Class B misdemeanor carries a maximum penalty of 180 days behind bars.
Grogan was also convicted of one Level 5 felony that carries a maximum penalty of six years in prison. 

Melvin Keith Hamsher, 76, is a sex offender who will be released from prison after serving 20 years in prison for his latest offense.
Hamsher received a 240-month suspension after being charged with sexual penetration with a foreign object. He has also been charged with first-degree sex abuse and first-degree rape

His target victims are pre-pubescent females, and, according to the the report, befriends the mothers/family of target victims then begins grooming the child by providing gifts and attention.
The State of Oregon Board of Parole finds that Hamsher is a “sexually violent and dangerous offender.”
The Board of Parole orders “intensive supervision” for the full 45 months of post-prison supervision.

Hamsher to be released from prison Nov. 30, 2017

A 7th Ward man was charged Thursday (Nov. 30) with sexually abusing a family member when she was between the ages of 6 and 10, according to the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office. A criminal district judge set his bond at $3 million.
The five-count indictment against 61-year-old Floyd Lindsey includes one count of first-degree rape of a juvenile under age 13, one count of indecent behavior with a juvenile under age 13 and three counts of sexual battery of a juvenile under age 13.
The abuse reportedly occurred between April 2009 and April 2014 in Orleans Parish, according to the DA's Office.
Lindsey was arrested Sept. 29 in connection with the case, court records show, and his bond was initially set at $210,000.
Orleans Criminal District Judge Keva Landrum-Johnson increased his bond to $3 million, including $1 million for the first-degree rape count and $500,000 for each of the other four counts.

$3M bond for New Orleans man accused of sexually assaulting child Laura McKnight | The Times-Picayune Dec 01 2017

A man is facing a sex charge after abusing girls during a sleepover.

David Taylor, 33, of Scott Depot, is charged with first-degree sexual abuse.
According to the man's criminal complaint, the incident happened in August during a sleepover at a neighbor's house.
Police tell WSAZ this kind of thing, sadly, can happen to any child. They are urging parents to have a conversation with their children before they go to a sleepover.
"You can't keep your child from having fun or being around everybody but let them know that when they are there, there are certain things that shouldn't be happening," Cpl. Marlene Moore with West Virginia State Police said.
Moore investigates all crimes that involve children. While it's important for parents to know the adults where their kids are staying over, Moore said that often crimes are committed by an adult who is known to the child.
"Parents need to talk to their child and tell them that there are certain parts of their body that people shouldn't touch," Moore said.
As for David Taylor, he's been released from jail on bond.

UPDATE: Man faces sex charge after allegedly abusing girls at sleepover PUTNAM COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) 11/30/17

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. - A former physical education teacher at Brownsville Middle School was arrested on sexual battery charges. 
Wendell Nibbs is facing two counts of sexual battery on a child 12 years of age or older.
One of the girls was 15 years old when the complaint was made and 14 when the sexual abuse happened.
The girl said she kicked and screamed and yelled at Nibbs to stop when he pinned her against his desk and raped her. She said he used his hand to cover her mouth. 
The victim, who is now a high school student, also said "that she did not tell anyone about the defendant forcing her to engage in penile/vaginal and oral sex with him, because she was afraid," Detective Bernise Charlie wrote in an arrest warrant. "She said the defendant threatened her with bodily harm."
For more than two years, Miami-Dade school police detectives investigated several allegations that the teacher had engaged in sexual activity with students at the school. 
Another student alleged Nibbs offered her money in exchange for oral sex. Another girl complained about him rubbing her leg in a sexual way. Investigators also found a girl who said he had shown her images of a woman's pierced vagina and buttocks, and another former student who said he fondled her and tried to kiss her.  
Charlie said all of these girls reported the incidents, which went as far back as 2004, to school officials but nothing came of the allegations. 
The evidence against Nibbs includes text messages between Nibbs and the student he raped. A friend told investigators that she believes Nibbs took advantage of the girl because she was being bullied. 
One of the girls told investigators that she came forward because she had a little sister who was going to attend the school and she did not want her to be victimized, according to the arrest warrant. 
Nibbs was set to appear in Miami-Dade County court Friday morning.

Bellefonte, Centre County, Pa. - The man facing more than seven hundred counts of sexual abuse took the stand.

Joseph Neff is facing 730 counts of child sex abuse for targeting a minor in his own family. 
From 2009 to 2014, Neff is accused of one count of rape and hundreds of counts for sexually abusing a girl, who at the time was under the age of 13.

Throughout the day the victim, various family members, and officers gave their testimony. They explained that Neff was living under the same roof as the victim. On a weekly basis, he touched her or performed oral sex. At one time even engage in sexual intercourse, which according to the criminal complaint Neff confessed to.

Neff took to the stand late Thursday evening. He stated his confession was false, and he only said things the officer wanted to hear. He admits to two of the innappropirate acts, but says he never raped the victim.

A 29-year-old man is being held without bail after being accused of raping, sodomizing and sexually abusing a young girl. 
Salem police arrested Ryan James Fox on two counts of first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy and two counts of first-degree sexual abuse
According to court records, he raped a girl under the age of 12 on Nov. 22. The girl is known to him, police said. Fox was taken to Marion County jail following his arrest. 
During his arraignment, Marion County Judge Rafael Caso denied Fox bail. He was ordered to have no contact with his victim.
First-degree rape, sodomy and sexual abuse are Measure 11 crimes requiring mandatory minimum prison sentences upon conviction.
Rape and sodomy carry minimum sentences of eight years and four months. First-degree sexual abuse requires a sentence of at least six years and three months. 

Salem police arrest man suspected of raping, abusing girl Whitney Woodworth, Statesman Journal Dec. 1, 2017 

Man rapes 16-year-old as friends keep watch 
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