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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


sabato 4 novembre 2017


ALLEN COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) -- A Western Kentucky man accused of rape and murder was in court.
Timothy Madden is accused of raping and killing seven-year-old Gabbi Doolin behind the ball fields at the Allen County-Scottsville High School in November of 2015.
A judge granted a change of venue last month. Madden will be back in court Nov. 17, but the judge still hasn't decided where to hold Madden's trial. His attorney asked that the trial is moved away from any surrounding counties. 

Man Accused Of Murder And Rape Of Child Appears In Court Oct 26, 2017 

LANCASTER - A Lancaster man has been charged with rape, following an investigation by the Lancaster Police Department.
Robert B. "Brandon" Valentine Jr., 47, of 814 N. Roosevelt Ave., appeared in Fairfield County Common Pleas Court Thursday where his bond was set at $500,000.
According to the initial police report, the incident occurred between July and October 2016 and involved a 10-year-old child. The report notes the police department received a referral from Fairfield County Child Protective Services on Feb. 10, which indicated "(the child) disclosed that he was sexually abused by (Valentine)."
Lt. Brian Lowe, Lancaster Police Department Detective Bureau supervisor, said the case was investigated and submitted to the county prosecutor's office, which reviewed the case and decided to issue a criminal complaint.
According to the complaint, Valentine "...on or about May 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016 unlawfully did engage in sexual conduct with (the child) ... whose age at the time of the said sexual conduct was less than thirteen years of age..."
Fairfield County Prosecutor Kyle Witt said the investigation is ongoing and additional charges may be forthcoming.
"Especially in cases like these, we're always keeping that option open," he said, adding that investigators will continue to follow any leads.
Valentine's preliminary hearing was set for 3 p.m. Nov. 2. According to court officials, his case was supposed to go before the grand jury, but was continued.
Witt said the prosecutor's office is awaiting additional testimony and presentation to a grand jury for an indictment.
If convicted Valentine faces up to 11 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

A Moab man will spend up to 35 years in state prison after pleading guilty to two counts of sexual abuse of a child in Seventh District Court.

Johnathon Miller, 29, was ordered by Seventh District Court Judge Lyle Anderson to serve two consecutive terms of between one and 15 years each after accepting a plea bargain in the case. He was also sentenced consecutively to zero to five years on a probation violation stemming from a previous felony case involving the discharge of a firearm. The Utah Board of Pardons and Parole will ultimately determine the amount of time Miller spends in prison.

Miller pleaded guilty to the two second-degree felony charges just 30 minutes prior to the start of his trial. In making the deal, Grand County Attorney Andrew Fitzgerald dropped six other charges against Miller, including rape and sodomy of a child. According to Fitzgerald, a jury was summoned and he was prepared to begin trial when the agreement was struck with Miller’s public defender, Don Torgerson.

The deal Fitzgerald and the defense agreed to would have run Miller’s sentences concurrently. Judge Anderson declined to accept that agreement, however, and in issuing his sentence handed down consecutive terms.

Under Utah law, judges are not obligated to follow a plea agreement and may sentence a defendant as they see fit under state guidelines, which is what Judge Anderson did in Miller’s case.

“Normally, 14 days before trial, the judge cuts us off from making any plea bargains,” Fitzgerald said. “The rationale in that is that once you have brought in a lot of people to seat a prospective jury, you’ve wasted a lot of peoples’ time and … the courts pay about $18 a day, per person, so it can add up. At the last minute, the defendant decided to accept our offer, which was one we had extended during virtually the entire case … the judge didn’t go with our recommendation because he decided the facts of the case and the seriousness of the charges warranted consecutive sentences.”

Fitzgerald added that, out of deep concern for the victim in the case, he asked Judge Anderson to allow the plea bargain to go forward.

“We left that door open for [Miller] to plead to this because we had a child witness,” Fitzgerald said. “The judge allowed his rules to be relaxed because the therapist in the case came back to us saying that having her testify would be difficult for her and likely set her back in the therapy [the child] is receiving … it’s one of those situations where it made sense not to put the child witness on the stand.”

Fitzgerald said the case, which was first brought to the attention of authorities in March by staff at the Grand County School District, was delayed in its reporting and no forensic evidence of a rape or abuse was revealed. That, he said, also made an impact on his decision to seek acceptance of a late plea agreement from Judge Anderson.

“There was no physical evidence, so in this case it came down to a 9-year-old child versus the defendant,” Fitzgerald said. “A lot can happen in court when it comes to a child victim and there is a lot of risk when it’s a ‘he said, she said’ type of situation. With all of that considered, and no forensic evidence, we were fortunate to get the change of plea from the judge rather than put this child through all of that.”

While the specific details of the allegations against Miller have not been made public, Fitzgerald said the abuse occurred over of period of time when the victim was five to six years old.

It was the diligent work of a teacher and counselor from Grand County School District that broke the criminal case against Johnathon Miller, according to Grand County Attorney Andrew Fitzgerald. That teacher, Fitzgerald said, used the “Good Touch and Bad Touch” program training in her classroom at Helen M. Knight Elementary School when the child, who was an 8-year-old at the time, reported the crimes.

“The testimony we would have heard, had this case gone to trial, was that the school district used the Good Touch and Bad Touch training when this child spoke up,” Fitzgerald said. “The reason we have a program like this is because of the actions of the Grand County Children’s Justice Center. It’s a program they started here that goes into the schools and tells about what are ‘good’ touches and ‘bad’ touches. Kids are told that it’s important to tell your teachers about these things.”

According to Fitzgerald, the victim reported the “bad” touch just one day after hearing about the program in the classroom. At that point a counselor was brought in and it was reported to law enforcement.

Having the Good Touch and Bad Touch program in Grand County schools is an important factor, Fitzgerald added, in helping to identify predators and keep children safe in the community.

“I think it’s great that we have this,” Fitzgerald said. “This shows that the program is effective and empowers them to go to people they can trust and say something bad happened to them.”

Fitzgerald added that in this case Miller, who was dating the young victim’s mother, had asked the child to “keep it a secret” and that he “would go to jail” if anyone found out.

If you know of a victim of child sexual abuse, contact the Moab Police Department at 435-259-8938, the Grand County Sheriff’s Office at 435-259-8115, or call the Division of Child and Family Services at 800-678-9399.

A 26-year-old Huntsville man is jailed on three felony charges of rape, sodomy and sexual abuse of a child.

Brandon Mathew Paul Wright is held in the Madison County Jail with bail set at $150,000.
Wright is accused of forcibly raping, sodomizing and molesting a girl younger than 12, said Madison County sheriff's Lt. Brian Chaffin. Wright was arrested on a warrant. The investigation began Sept. 26 when the child told a parent, who contacted the sheriff's office. After investigating the allegations, investigators got a warrant, Chaffin said.
Chaffin described the abuse as a series of "ongoing" incidents. "It happened more than once," he said.
If convicted of all charges, Wright faces up to life in prison and would be required to register as a sex offender.

A Bradenton man faces three counts of sexual battery after two minors accused him of assaulting them.
According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, details about the accusations against Carlos Paiz-Francisco were revealed during an interview session with the Child Protection Team.
The first victim described an instance when Paiz-Francisco, 39, came into her room while she was sleeping, took off her clothes and touched her, according to the arrest report.
Another time, she pretended to be asleep when she heard Paiz-Francisco walking toward her room. He picked her up and took her to another room where he assaulted her, the victim told detectives.
The two girls, both under the age of 12 at the time of the assaults, found out that they were both being abused by Paiz-Francisco after he abused the first girl while she was in the same bed as the second, who was asleep at the time. They spoke shortly after and confirmed that they were both victims.
The second girl’s accounts were similar.
The girls confided in a family member to confront Paiz-Francisco about the abuse, but he denied the allegations.
Paiz-Francisco was arrested and is being held without bail. His court date is set for Dec. 1.

Anthony Huntington plied his victim with cider and sexually assaulted her several times, Durham Crown Court heard.

The court heard the girl had a crush on Huntington, only realising what he did was wrong when she discussed it with a relative years later. 

In a victim impact statement, she said: "I didn't know it was wrong at the time. "Huntington gave me the attention I didn't get at home, so I didn't push him away. "What happened has traumatised me, I'm disgusted that anyone could treat a child in the way he treated me. "I have trouble sleeping, and have thoughts of ending my life." 

The abuse came to light when the victim made recent contact with Huntington on Facebook. "She asked him about what had happened years before," said prosecutor Sean Dodds. "Huntington replied that he never meant to hurt her. "He said he loved her and wanted to protect her, but everything had become muddled. 

"Huntington said if she was fully grown, it would have been different. "He said he was disgusted with himself." 

Huntington, 55, of Northumberland Place, Peterlee, admitted six charges of indecent assault. Rod Hunt, defending, said in mitigation: "Mr Huntington has been able to provide glowing references from a number of family members. "They speak of him as a hard working man, a good provider, a man with an enormous capacity to do good. "He is wracked with remorse, and unlike many offenders of this type has not sought to deny responsibility and put his victim through the ordeal of giving evidence. "Mr Huntington has been sacked from his job, but he is the sort of man who will be capable of and want to get employment after his release." 

The Recorder, Mr Timothy Roberts QC, jailed Huntington for four years. "You took advantage of this girl's crush on you," the recorder told Huntington. "You took this advantage over a period of time. "It is accepted the sexual activity was consensual. "But you would have known how corrupting your behaviour was, yet you persisted in it." 

Huntington was made the subject of an order banning unsupervised contact with children for 10 years. He must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

A former scout leader has been warned he faces a prison sentence after targeting a schoolgirl during long-running and repeated sexual abuse.
Andrew Ranyard, 38, denied seven offences but was convicted by a jury at Grimsby Crown Court of three of them.
He was found guilty of two offences of multiple indecent assault and one of indecency with a child.
He was cleared of three offences of rape and one of assault.

Louise Reevell, prosecuting, said that Ranyard, of College Road, East Halton, was involved in the local community at the time, including organising pool, darts and dominoes at a pub.
"He was a scout leader," she said.
Raynard had lived in Immingham, Cleethorpes and Grimsby.
The court heard Ranyard took the girl, who was under 16, shopping and to the cinema but their relationship turned sexual.
Recorder Peter Makepeace QC said that the girl was, by law, too young at the time to give her consent to having sex.

He adjourned the case for pre-sentence reports but warned Ranyard a custodial sentence was “inevitable”.
Ranyard was remanded in custody.

Haverfordwest businessman Kenneth Waters has been jailed for eight years for a series of sexual assaults on a young girl.
Waters, of Fishguard Road, sobbed in the dock at Swansea crown court as Judge Paul Thomas told him he had taken "every opportunity" to abuse her and then blackened her name by calling her a liar.
The court heard that it was "likely" that Waters' Home Electronics store in Snowdrop Lane would not survive and three part time workers would lose their jobs.
Waters, 72 this week, had been convicted of seven offences of sexual assault on an underage girl following two trials.  He had denied all the offences.
His barrister, Nigel Fryer, said Waters' business was now "perilously close" to collapse.
Before Judge Thomas announced the sentence the court heard in a victim impact statement that the girl said she still suffered the effects of the abuse more than 10 years later.
Judge Thomas said Waters had had the nerve to describe the girl as "sick" when when most people would believe that applied to him.
"You tried to blacken her name to save your own skin. And you have not shown one iota of remorse," added the judge.
Judge Thomas said he accepted that the sentence would affect Waters' business but said he had enjoyed a standing in the town that had been undeserved. 
Waters was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for the rest of his life.
The juries had heard how, years after the abuse, the girl recorded a telephone conversation with Waters in which he apologised for what he had done.
Waters said the girl had tried to blackmail him by threatening to make false allegations against him unless he gave her "huge amounts of money."

Haverfordwest businessman jailed for eight years for child sex attacks 27th October 2017

A 69-year-old man has been given prison time for inappropriately touching two girls while they gave him "extra big hugs."
Richard Dale Oliver entered pleas of guilty to each of three counts of indecency with a child by sexual contact – a second degree felony.
Oliver was sentenced to 10 years in prison and must register as a sex offender, per a plea agreement. He faced up to 20 years in prison.
According to arrest warrant affidavits:
On July 28, 2016, a Wichita County Child Protective Services investigator notified Wichita Falls police about a 14-year-old girl who was possibly a victim of sexual abuse.
The girl had been brought to Patsy's House Child Advocacy Center by two adults that lived in a nearby residence.
The adults reported the girl made an outcry to them that Oliver had been touching her inappropriately since she was about 9 years old. A second girl, 8, also made an outcry to the adults about Oliver.
During the forensic interview, the first victim said Oliver would buy her ice cream and then ask her to give him a hug.
The girl said he would touch her inappropriately on her private areas over her clothing while she was hugging him, and he continued to touch her even after she told him to stop.
The second victim told the interviewer that Oliver would come up behind her, grab her breasts and squeeze them. When she asked him to stop, he promised he wouldn't do it anymore but continued several more times.
The second girl also said Oliver would buy both of them gifts and tell them to give him 'extra big hugs,' during which he would grab their buttocks and breasts area on top of their clothing.




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