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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


venerdì 6 ottobre 2017

Paedo church youth leader raped schoolboy behind a sofa

A former church youth leader raped a schoolboy at his home and tried to rape him in a car about 15 years ago, a jury heard.

Dean Madavan, aged 50, has a history of sexual offending with young boys, a court was told.
He is on trial at Plymouth Crown Court after another adult came forward to make allegations of abuse as a child.
Nigel Wraith, opening the case for the Crown Prosecution Service, said there were two incidents between 2000 and 2002 when the defendant was a youth leader at a city church.
He added the first was at Madavan’s former home in Northumberland Terrace in West Hoe.
The barrister said Madavan raped the boy behind a sofa.
Mr Wraith said the second incident happened in the dark when Madavan pulled over into a layby on the A38.
He added that Madavan climbed into the back seat of the Audi A6 with the boy and tried to rape him.
Mr Wraith said: “Dean Madavan says these things did not happen at all. Dean Madavan has a history of sexual offending with young boys.
“It may be suggested that (boy’s name), having become aware of that history, has effectively jumped on the bandwagon and decided to make up false allegations against him.”
Madavan, of Windsor Quay, Cardiff, is on trial after denying four counts relating to the two alleged incidents.
He denies rape and the lesser alternative of indecent assault of a child under 13 at Madavan’s home.
The defendant also pleaded not guilty to attempted rape in the car and the alternative of indecent assault.
The jury watched two videos of the interviews the boy gave police in April and August last year.
He said that at the time he did not realise what was happening and he did not know it was wrong – but it “dawned on him” as he grew older.
The witness said he had spent a “long time trying to forget” what had happened.
But he added that he had eventually spoken to his mother and gone to a doctor for help around Christmas in 2015.
The man told police in one interview: “I did want to go to the police. I did not want to be in this situation, I wanted to be better.”
He explained that the incidents were always on his mind and he had trouble trusting men in working relationships. The man also confessed he had never had an intimate relationship.
David Pinnell, barrister for Madavan, said: “The reason I am suggesting to you that you did not report this until the end of 2015 is that you heard about levels of compensation being paid to other people.”
The complainant replied: “I do not want the money. That is not why I am here. I wanted to get better. I went to the doctor.”
The court heard that the man was now receiving therapy.
The trial continues.
Former church youth leader accused of raping boy behind sofa of Plymouth home STUART ABEL 5 OCT 2017

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