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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


giovedì 26 ottobre 2017


MESQUITE (CBSDFW.COM) – A middle school assistant principal is behind bars on a child sexual assault charge.
Police say 37-year-old James Langle is the assistant principal at Vanston Middle School in Mesquite. He was arrested and charged with sexual assault of a child. Police say the offense did not happen at the school.
Investigators say the victim is a family member.
Officials at the Mesquite ISD issued a statement:
Mesquite ISD was shocked to learn of the allegations and subsequent charges against Mr. Langle. While the alleged abuse appears limited to the home, the charges are extremely disturbing and concerning to us.  Should the allegations prove to be true, Mesquite ISD will take the strongest possible action. Mr. Langle is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, and we have made the proper notification to the State Board of Educator Certification. Mr. Langle’s alleged actions should in no way reflect negatively on the thousands of dedicated Mesquite ISD employees who remain focused on educating and supporting our students.
Langle formerly taught alegbra at North Mesquite. He’s been with the district since 2009.
Should he be found guilty, the district officials say they will take the strongest possible action.
Langle is currently on administrative leave.
Bengamin Ray Yellowowl was sentenced in Great Falls for sexual abuse of a minor, and distribution of a controlled substance to a minor.
According to court documents, Yellow Owl was "in a relationship" with the 12-year old girl that included sexual assault, and also injected her with meth on several occasions.
Yellow Owl was sentenced to two terms of 98 months (8.1 years) with the federal Bureau of Prisons; the terms will run concurrently.
Following his incarceration, Yellow Owl will be under supervised release for five years on Count 2 and six years on Count 3, with the terms to run concurrently.
Court documents allege that police found him in a car with a 12-year-old girl who was intoxicated and high on methamphetamine in January.
According to court documents, a Great Falls police officer saw a vehicle without a rear license plate in city limits on Wednesday, January 11.
Yellowowl, 25, was in the passenger seat and the child was in the driver's seat.
The officer initiated a traffic stop, approached the vehicle, and found the girl in the driver’s seat. The officer's report states that the girl’s body was jerking involuntarily, and did not appear to be from "nervousness."
The officer believed she was under the influence of methamphetamine, but the girl denied it. The officer called for an ambulance to evaluate and treat the child. Yellowowl told the officer that he had consumed several shots of Crown Royal, a brand of whisky.
The girl then admitted that she had snorted meth, taken two Gabapentin pills, and drank a shot of whisky; she later told the officer that Yellowowl had provided her with the whisky.
The girl also told the officer that she drank the alcohol while she and Yellowowl were at a Great Falls hotel together. Yellowowl claimed that he did not know where the girl had gotten the meth, but admitted he knew she was high on meth. He also agreed that due to the child's level of intoxication, he should have tried to get medical care for her.
When questioned at the Great Falls Police Department, Yellowowl admitted that he has been in a relationship with the girl for several months, and that he had sexually assaulted her on several occasions. The child told investigators that the first incident happened just before her 12th birthday.
During the initial investigation, a GFPD detective received a picture message from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which showed Yellowowl injecting the girl with meth. Yellow Owl admitted to "shooting her up" with meth on several occasions.
According to court documents, Yellowowl admitted that he he did it because she did not know how to do it.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- A Tallahassee man has been arrested, accused of sexual battery on a child.
Robert Inasy, 67, was arrested following an investigation.
According to arrest documents, the sexual abuse occurred multiple times over a three year period, starting when the girl was approximately 6 years old.
During a police interview, officials say Inasy admitted to having a "romantic relationship" with the child and planned on marrying her when she was old enough.
Inasy is charged with sexual battery on a child under the age of 12 and sexual offense against a child. He being held in the Leon County Detention Facility on $50,000 bond.

Tallahassee man accused of sexual battery on a child Amy Robinson | WCTV Eyewitness News October 20, 2017

A 32-year-old Fort Walton Beach man was arrested, eight years after beginning his molestation of a young child.
Willie Manuwell Blackmon, who lives on Carson Drive, was charged with one count of felony sexual assault on a victim younger than 12.
He is accused of having sexual intercourse with a child as young as 5 beginning in 2009. The abuse continued until 2015, according to his Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.
The victim told forensic investigators that Blackmon forced her to do a number of different sexual acts and that she’d told him she didn’t want to. Using anatomically correct dolls, she mimicked what he made her do, the report said.
The incidents took place in Gulf Breeze.
Investigators first tried to arrest Blackmon at his home in late September, but his brother told them he wasn’t home.
He did not call investigators back. They issued a warrant for his arrest and took him into custody Wednesday.

OKLAHOMA CITY – A correctional officer is facing several charges after being arrested on 11 felony counts, including first-degree rape and forcible oral sodomy.
The Oklahoma Department of Corrections and Oklahoma City police assisted in the arrest.
Cpl. Christopher Adams was taken into custody. He faces one count of first-degree rape; eight counts of lewd, indecent acts with a child under 16, and two counts of forcible oral sodomy.
On August 1, Oklahoma City police contacted DOC, requesting Adams’ employment and contact information. Then on October 12, DOC was advised the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office was filing charges.
The agency immediately removed Adams from contact with the public and inmates.
Adams joined DOC on Nov. 10, 2014.
His posts with the agency included “providing security for hospitalized inmates, and serving as a correctional officer at Mabel Bassett Correctional Center in McLoud.”
Officials say personnel action regarding Adams in pending.

Oklahoma correctional officer charged with lewd acts with a child, rape OCTOBER 21, 2017 KATRINA BUTCHER

A SEX offender has been jailed for ten years for a number of child sex assaults.
Craig Berry, aged 36, of Great Clifton, Workington, was sentenced on Friday October 20.
Berry was sentenced for 10 counts of engaging in sexual activity with a male child after being found guilty by a jury.
The offences occurred between 2004 and 2006.
Detective Constable Andrea Davidson, West Cumbria CID, said:
Craig Berry is a dangerous sexual predator who isolated his victim in order to carry out his attacks.
“I would like to praise the victim for his courage in reporting what happened to him and assisting with our investigation. I hope that this can bring some form of closure.
Berry stole his victim’s teenage years by subjecting him to a horrific level of sexual abuse.
“I would like to take this opportunity to reassure the public that all allegations of recent or non-recent sexual abuse will be investigated thoroughly by Cumbria Police.”
If you wish to report a crime or speak to an officer about an incident, please contact Cumbria Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Dangerous sexual predator jailed for historical child sex offences in Cumbria 23 October 2017

A Florida man accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl has been arrested.
Sydney Allan Markland, 68, is accused of luring an 8-year-old girl into his home and sexually battering her in July 2016, reports WFTV. He reportedly asked the girl to help him bring food into his kitchen because he had injured his leg. Police were called after the girl told a parent about the incident. 

The girl told police she knew Markland, also known as "Dread," only in passing. The two live in the same neighborhood in Ocala, Florida.
According to the Bradenton Herald, Markland has been charged with sexual assault on a victim under 12  years old, molesting a victim less than 12 years old, lewd and lascivious behavior, and luring and enticing a child under 12 years old.
DNA samples from the girl's clothing connected Markland to the crime.
Markland told police he thought the 8-year-old was dressed provocatively and that the way she acted suggested that she was consenting to sexual activity. He also told deputies that his "culture is different" and that his actions were acceptable. According to Inside Edition, Markland is from Jamaica and is Muslim.
After luring the girl into his home by telling her that he was injured, Markland reportedly sexually battered her and told her not to tell anybody.
Markland admitted to police that he was "familiar" with the children in the neighborhood, leading investigators to believe that there may be other victims. No additional alleged victims have come forward as of May 17. 
WFTV asked Marion County deputies why it took 10 months for Markland to be arrested in connection with the sexual battery.
"Well, we have a case where a 68-year-old lured an 8-year-old into his house and then he sexually battered her," Lauren Lettelier of the Marion County Sheriff's Office said. "I know that's a really big concern for everybody looking at the time difference in this case. With a case like this, we have to be very solid with our evidence."
Investigators say they needed time to build the case as they only had a partial DNA match. 
Markland is currently being held in jail without bail.
Readers of Inside Edition shared their thoughts on the story.
"Ugly monster took that little girl's innocence," one reader commented. "I hope she can overcome being violated by this monster."
"I pray this poor child gets the proper counseling and support so that the horrific and disgusting abuse of this sick mind does not follow her throughout her life - I pray for her healing," another user wrote.
Sources: WFTVBradenton HeraldInside Edition / Photo credit: U.S. Air Force/Airman 1st Class Gustavo Castillo via Wikimedia Commons, Marion County Sheriff’s Office via Bradenton Herald

Disturbed Man Rapes 8-Year-Old, Makes Disgusting Confession When He's Finished October 22, 2017 Charles Roberts

DOVER, Del. (AP)- Delaware's Supreme Court has overturned the life sentence of a man who was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl.

Eric Curry of Dover was arrested in November 2015 after the sister of his victim witnessed the crime.

Curry was given a life term earlier this year after prosecutors asked a judge to declare him a habitual offender because of previous convictions for aggravated menacing and second-degree robbery.

But Curry argued on appeal that the judge wrongly used a 2016 version of the habitual offender law to sentence him for offenses that occurred in 2015.

In a ruling last week, the Supreme Court agreed, saying the prosecution's petition for habitual-offender status was flawed and should have been denied.

The case was remanded to Superior Court for Curry to be resentenced.

Del. Supreme Court Overturns Life Sentence in Child Rape Case 10/23/2017

ST. GEORGE, Utah – A 34-year-old man has been arrested in St. George, following the sexual assault of a 12-year-old boy.
Oscar Mercedes Mancilla-Haas reportedly took advantage of the boy on multiple occasions, according to police.
Officers responded to a 911 hangup just before midnight on Oct. 20, police told the St. George News.
When officers arrived on the scene they saw two men engaging in a physical fight through the front window of the home.
According to the St. George News, an officer said in a police report, “As I approached the residence, I could hear something to the effect (of) ‘how could you do that to a child’ in the Spanish language.”
At the scene, a man told police Mancilla-Haas had raped his 12-year-old son, noting that the boy told his father Mancilla-Haas had sexually abused him on at least four separate occasions, according to the St. George News.
The boy was interviewed by the Children’s Justice Center, where he gave additional details to authorities regarding the case.
Mancilla-Haas was booked into the Washington County Purgatory Correctional Facility. He is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 30 before Judge Eric Ludlow.

St. George man arrested for sexual assault of 12-year-old boy OCTOBER 23, 2017,  TAYLOR HARTMAN




Paedo teacher arrested for sexually abusing 84 children 26 OTTOBRE 2017

Clerical sex abuse in pope's Argentina 26 OTTOBRE 2017

Paedo tech CEO sexually abused his own son 25 OTTOBRE 2017

Paedo Catholic priest sentenced for the sexual abuse of 3 boys 25 OTTOBRE 2017

Paedo sport journalist jailed for sexually abusing14 years old girl 24 OTTOBRE 2017

Paedo pastors arrested for raping minor girls 24 OTTOBRE 2017

Paedo karate instructor arrested for child rape 24 OTTOBRE 2017

Mom finds video of rape of 7-year-old daughter 25 ottobre 2017

Reverend sister raped, killed 25 ottobre 2017

5-year-old girl raped by her teenage neighbour 25 ottobre 2017

15-year-old girl kidnapped, raped by 2 youths 25 ottobre 2017

55-year-old woman brutally gang-raped by 3 young men 24 ottobre 2017

6-year-old girl gang-raped 24 ottobre 2017

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