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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


venerdì 13 ottobre 2017


PORT CLINTON - A former Port Clinton man was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to multiple counts of rape in cases involving several victims under the age of 10.
Earl H. Weidner II, 40, of Perrysburg, pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree felony rape, as well as four counts of gross sexual imposition, third and fourth-degree felonies in Ottawa County Common Pleas Court on Friday.
According to court records, one of the four counts of rape Weidner pleaded guilty to included a mandatory maximum sentence of life in prison.
In addition to the life sentence, Judge Bruce Winters sentenced Weidner to the maximum prison term of 11 years for each of the other two rape counts, to be served consecutively, and a total of 13½ years for the counts of gross sexual imposition. Weidner was given credit for 418 days previously served.
Weidner will not be eligible for parole until serving a minimum of 36 years in prison. He is also required to register as a Tier 3 sex offender and will be subject to five years of post-release control if released from prison on parole.
“We were prepared to go to trial in this case, however, we believe we reached an agreement that was in the best interest of the children after speaking with their parents,” said Ottawa County Prosecutor James VanEerten.
VanEerten said there is a strong presumption that Weidner will serve the full life sentence.
“Given the number of victims in this case, we firmly believe that (Weidner) will remain incarcerated for the rest of his life,” VanEerten said.
Weidner engaged in sexual conduct with seven minors from two counties over the past four years, according to an investigation by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, Lake Township Police Department, Ottawa County Children’s Services and Wood County Children’s Services.
VanEerten said some of the crimes dated as far back as 2002.
According to the sheriff’s office, Weidner threatened to harm the victims and their families if they ever told.
Weidner was originally indicted on two counts of rape in August 2016. In April 2017, he was indicted on 15 additional counts, including four more rape charges and 11 other counts that were carried over from Wood County, including abduction, gross sexual imposition and importuning, all felonies.
VanEerten said he and an assistant prosecutor from Wood County handled the case in a single court locally to prevent the victims from potentially having to be subjected to reliving the incidents twice through the “unpleasantness of trial.”
Given the very young age of the victims, VanEerten said the two prosecutors’ offices made a joint decision to reach the plea agreement after speaking with the parents of each of the victims that avoided them having to relive the incidents while still ensuring Weidner is never able to commit these crimes again.

A metro Atlanta man will spend the rest of his life in prison after he beat, raped, choked and physically restrained two girls, DeKalb County officials said. 
Russell Cook, 56, of Ellenwood, was sentenced to seven life sentences plus 89 years — a total of 299 years — and one year of probation after a jury convicted him Wednesday morning on multiple charges including child molestation, rape and cruelty to children, DeKalb district attorney spokeswoman Yvette F. Jones said in a news release. 
Cook first abused the victims, then 10 and 14, in 2009. The sexual assaults occurred for two years before one of the children told a neighbor, who called police, DeKalb officials said.
During the investigation, officers found that Cook sexually assaulted them “often after physically restraining, beating and choking the defenseless victims,” Jones said. 
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution does not identify sexual assault victims.  
Cook was also convicted of aggravated sexual battery and aggravated child molestation.

DeKalb man gets 299 years for beating, choking, raping 2 children 
  • Raisa Habersham
  •   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Oct. 4, 2017

    A New Orleans man is facing life in prison after raping a 7-year-old girl at gunpoint and giving her chlamydia.
    The incident occurred on the morning of Oct. 17, 2014. Andrew Hunter Jr., 26, was accused of entering the young girl's home, forcing her into a backroom, tying her up and then raping her at gunpoint, The Advocate reported.
    The 7-year-old was first discovered after the attack by her mother, Assistant District Attorney Kevin Guillory told the court. The mother became alarmed when she didn't find her daughter in her bed that morning.
    The mother found her young daughter lying under a pile of laundry with her hands and feet bound. She was also blindfolded with a belt around her neck and had her mouth gagged.
    “She removes the items from her child and asks the child what happened,” Guillory said. “The child told her things that no mother would ever want to hear.”
    Guillory revealed that the victim's mother had sex with Hunter several weeks prior to the incident. The mother said she contracted chlamydia from the encounter.
    An examination found that the 7-year-old also tested positive for chlamydia. The mother then told police she suspected Hunter was the rapist.
    Hunter denied any wrongdoing. He willingly submitted to a DNA test, and his sample matched three swabs taken from the young girl. On Dec. 22, 2014, he was arrested.
    Hunter's attorney, Martin Regan, argued that prosecutors failed to take DNA samples from either the mother's boyfriend or her brother, who were staying at the home at the time.
    “It happened,” Regan told the court about the assault, during opening statements. “The question here is who did it.”
    Regan also said Hunter never had chlamydia, and implied the mother contracted the sexually transmitted disease from someone else.
    “If someone gave her and her daughter a sexually transmitted disease, it wasn’t my client,” Regan told the jury.
    Hunter was found guilty of two counts of aggravated rape, second-degree kidnapping, sexual battery against a victim under the age of 13, and aggravated burglary, according to court records.
    The suspect is currently facing mandatory life in prison. He previously refused a plea deal from prosecutors that would have resulted in a 40-year sentence.
    "This case is horrifying," prosecutor Karen Lansden said in her closing argument, according to "I don't know how I've come to grips with it over the three years I've prosecuted this case. A 7-year-old girl was raped. She was taken from her bedroom and made to do unspeakable things with a gun put to her head. Her life can never be the same. I can't get over the fact she will always have this with her."

    Rapist Who Gave 7-Year-Old Girl An STD Found Guilty  Jonathan Constante

    A Woodway man accused of sexually abusing a young girl was transferred to McLennan County Jail after he was arrested in Austin late last month.
    Jordan Adam Lafleur, 25, was charged with a first-degree felony aggravated sexual abuse of a child after a girl under the age of six reported he had abused her in May at a West Waco apartment.
    After interviews and investigation, Waco police determined the abuse happened once in Waco and obtained an arrest warrant, Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.
    Lafleur was arrested by Austin police Sept. 27 for an unknown reason and was later transferred to McLennan County Jail on the Waco charge. He remained jailed Wednesday afternoon with bond listed at $500,000.
    Woodway man charged with child sexual abuse arrested in Austin KRISTIN HOPPA  October 05 2017

    A New Orleans man accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl sometimes in his care last February was indicted Thursday (Oct. 5) on two counts of first-degree rape.
    An Orleans Parish grand jury handed up the charges against Archie Gordon, 33. Gordon faces mandatory life imprisonment if found guilty as charged on either count.
    New Orleans police arrested Gordon on June 15, about three weeks after the victim and her mother reported the incident to an NOPD child abuse detective. The elementary school girl said she was unsure of the date she was assaulted, but believed it happened on Mardi Gras Day, which this year fell on Feb. 28, while her mother was at work.
    The indictment alleges the incident occurred sometime between Feb. 1-28, 2017.
    Police said in court documents that the girl was raped in her mother's apartment in the 9000 block of Cohn Street in the Leonidas neighborhood. When Gordon was arrested, officers with the Violent Offenders Warrant Squad found him in a house less than a half-mile away in the 8700 block of Spruce Street.
    Gordon initially was booked with one count each of first-degree rape and sexual battery, and has remained jailed on those allegations in lieu of a $32,000 bond. District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro's office screened the case evidence and sought the indictment on two counts of first-degree rape, as the girl alleged that Gordon performed oral sex on her before forcing her to perform it on him.
    Criminal District Judge Keva Landrum-Johnson increased Gordon's bond to $2 million after the indictment was read.
    Gordon thus far has been represented by attorney Leon Roche of the Orleans Public Defenders.

    New Orleans man indicted on two counts of raping girl, 9 October 5, 2017  Ken Daley

    YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A man from Youngstown is wanted by authorities after being indicted on child sex charges.
    Prosecutors said 23-year-old Jeremiah Rodriguez repeatedly raped and assaulted a young girl who was just five years old at the time.
    They say he also showed the victim pornographic material.
    If he’s convicted of the charges against him, he faces an automatic life prison term.
    A town man is facing charges of aggravated rape of children known to him over the last seven years.
    WEST BRIDGEWATER – A 67-year-old town resident is being held on high bail after he was charged with raping a young child who was known to him and showing another girl pornographic material.
    Both of the kids were victimized over several years, a prosecutor said.
    Paul R. Baker, of 128 Crescent St., West Bridgewater, was arraigned in Brockton District Court on two counts of aggravated rape, two counts of indecent assault and battery on children under the age of 14, two counts of incest, two counts of open and gross lewdness, disseminating obscene matter to a minor, threat to commit a crime and intimidation of a witness. He pleaded not guilty.
    The charges stem from an interview police conducted with the 9- and 15-year-old girls on Wednesday. The younger girl had disclosed to her mother on Sept. 25 that a man known to her had raped her numerous times between 2010 and September of this year. Police opened an investigation and a restraining order was sought and granted for the victims.
    West Midlands Police has praised the bravery of a woman who reported that she had been sexually abused as a young child - leading to her attacker being jailed for 16 years.
    Former soldier Andrew Hayes, 64, targeted the youngster over a period of several years.
    In July last year, she gathered the courage to report the abuse to West Midlands Police .
    Hayes, of Ladywood , was arrested that month and initially denied the offences.

    On September 25 this year he was jailed at Birmingham Crown Court after being found guilty of six charges of sexual abuse and one of rape.
    Speaking after the case Detective Constable Danette Calvey, of the Central Sexual Offences team, said: “Thanks to this young woman’s courage in reporting the abuse to police, we were able to carry out a complex investigation which involved liaison with other authorities.
    “I hope that this outcome will encourage others to have confidence that we take all such reports very seriously and investigate very thoroughly.”
    *The National Association for People Abused in Childhood is a charity providing survivors of non-recent abuse with support and advice. Visit: or call 0808 801 0331.
    A Wichita Falls man has been accused of sexually assaulting two girls, including one with learning disabilities.
    Willie James Nunley, 59, is charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of aggravated sexual assault. His total bail was set at $100,000, and he was in the Wichita County Jail Thursday afternoon.
    According to the arrest warrant affidavits:
    On March 24, a sexual assault of a child was reported to the Wichita Falls Police Department. Officers responded to the reporting person's address and met with a relative of the two girls.
    The relative told officers the younger victim was at a mental health facility in another state because she had attempted suicide due to hearing a male's voice telling her to kill herself. The younger victim then made an outcry that Nunley had digitally penetrated her when she was 10 years old.
    Due to the outcry made, the relative spoke with the other girl, who made a similar outcry of sexual abuse.
    Detectives were contacted by an Adult Protective Services supervisor on March 31 and notified they had been assigned to the case.
    The supervisor had interviewed the older victim, who was 17 and had learning disabilities, in relation to the case and the girl made an outcry of sexual abuse against Nunley.
    A forensic interview was scheduled for the older victim at Patsy's House Child Advocacy Center because of her disabilities. During the interview on April 4, the older victim said Nunley would start touching her inappropriately on the couch and digitally penetrated her.
    The older victim told the interviewer she told him to stop when he began performing sexual acts on her. She said Nunley quit doing the sexual acts to her after she screamed at him louder but said he continued touching her inappropriately until she got up and went to another room.
    A forensic interview was also conducted with the younger victim at her local child advocacy center on April 4. The video and notes from the interview were sent to the WFPD detectives.
    The younger victim told the forensic interviewer about two different incidents that occurred when she was 9 and 10 years old.
    When the younger victim was about 9, she said she was staying at a relative's house in Wichita Falls. She said she woke up from a nap and went to the kitchen to get a drink of water. While she was in the kitchen, the younger victim said Nunley "molested" her, which she clarified to the interviewer to mean he had digitally penetrated her after pulling her pants down.
    She said it stopped when the door opened, but she doesn't remember who opened the door.
    When the younger victim was about 10, she was in the living room of the house watching TV. She said Nunley sat down next to her on the couch, pulled her pants down and began "molesting" her. She said he did the same thing to her as he did the first time.
    The younger victim told the interviewer she didn't remember why Nunley stopped the second time, but said it lasted about two to three minutes.
    In both incidents, the younger victim said Nunley told her not to tell anyone. She told the interviewer she never said anything because she was scared.

    Johannesburg – A paedophile who sodomised young boys, aged between eight and thirteen from 2011 to 2016, has been sentenced to eight life sentences, police said on Thursday.
    Kevin Leon Thomson was sentenced by the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg after being convicted of raping young boys in Orlando and Eldorado Park, said Colonel Lungelo Dlamini.
    "The latest victims were raped during March 2016. He lived in the same area with the victims and would lure them to his residential place by promising them a bicycle. All the victims were penetrated," Dlamini said in a statement.
    Thomson was arrested earlier in 2017 and his case was referred to the High Court, according to Dlamini.
    "After sentencing, the judge also ordered that his name be entered in the national register of sexual offenders," said Dlamini.
    He was also declared unfit to possess a firearm.
    Thomson’s sentence comes after another rapist, Josias Mkansi - known as the balaclava rapist - was sentenced to 14 life terms for several counts of rape. 
    Gauteng provincial commissioner Lieutenant General Deliwe De Lange applauded the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences detectives for the successful investigation that led to Thomson’s sentencing.
    "Never again will these rapists have a chance to terrorise our communities and young people. Our communities must never allow any criminals to roam around, and should isolate them," De Lange added.


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