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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


mercoledì 6 settembre 2017


A man was charged with more than three dozen child sex offenses Graham police say occurred over a six-year period.
Joel Mcklemurry, 58, of 707 Brookgreen Terrace, Graham, was arrested and is in the Alamance County jail under a $2 million bond. He faces 19 counts of statutory rape and 19 counts of indecent liberties with a minor
According to warrants from Graham police, Mcklemurry is charged with raping a child multiple times between 2008 and 2014. The warrant said the child was 13 but didn’t specify when the incidents began. Mcklemurry then fled to California after police conducted a search warrant on his house, said Capt. Steve McGilvray.
“He ended up falling off the map for the longest time until they picked him up in California back in April where he was held pending extradition,” said McGilvray.
Mcklemurry, who was using an alias, was arrested on by police in California on outstanding charges there. After running his fingerprints, law enforcement determined Mcklemurry’s identity and turned him over to Graham police, McGilvray said.
“It is good that he is incarcerated and off the streets,” said McGilvray.
Graham police do not know which California police force arrested Mcklemurry, what his fake name was, what charges he faced in California, or exactly where he was living, McGilvray said.

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A New Jersey man wanted for rape and child molestation was arrested in Savannah.
The Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force worked in conjunction with the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department (SCMPD) to secure the arrest of 30-year-old Rion Hunter.
Through the gathering of intelligence, officers determined Hunter was in Port Wentworth. They responded to the 900 block of Highway 30 and took him into custody without incident.
According to SCMPD, Hunter is being held in the Chatham County Detention Center for his charges of rape and child molestation, pending extradition to New Jersey.

Agencies arrest rape, child molestation suspect who fled to Savannah Molly Curley  

This is the face of a man jailed for raping a boy more than 20 years ago.
James Bean, 39, was locked up for six years after a jury found him guilty of rape and two counts of indecent assault.
The abuse took place over two years, between 1993 and 1995, during which he would tell him he wanted to “play a game.”
On one occasion his victim suffered a “terrible” rape, police said, which left lasting emotional damage.
The victim was forced to give evidence in Bean’s trial, as he denied the offences, but he has since died.
Most of the sexual abuse happened at Bean’s home in Warrington, Cheshire.

Detective Constable Laura Smith, of Cheshire Police, said: “Rape is a horrific offence, which affects victims in the most profound way. In this case the sexual offence was compounded by the fact that the victim was of a very young age which had a significant effect on him lasting into his adult years.
“He has been incredibly brave throughout the case and was forced to relive the incident during his interview. It’s with sadness that he passed away prior to the conclusion of the case.
“I would like to thank the family of the victim for their willingness to stand up to the attacker and see him brought to justice. I hope that the conclusion of this case will give the family some closure and allow them to move on with their lives.”

DC Smith added: “Cheshire Police is committed to tackling sexual violence and helps and supports victims of this type of crime.
“I hope this sentence - and the bravery shown by the victim and his family - gives others who may have suffered in silence the courage to come forward.”
Bean will be placed on the sex offenders register for life.

A Carlisle man is in Cumberland County Prison after police say he raped a girl.
Joel B. Kime, 33, is charged with felony rape of child, criminal attempt to commit involuntary deviant sexual intercourse with a child, aggravated indecent assault of a child, corruption of minors and indecent assault of a person younger than 13 years of age, according to court records.
On multiple occasions over roughly a year to a year-and-a-half, Kime sexually assaulted, raped and forced a 7-year-old girl to watch pornographic materials, according to an affidavit signed by Carlisle Police.
The assaults began in late 2014 or 2015, according to court records.
Kime was arrested Thursday and taken to Cumberland County Prison in lieu of $99,000 bail, according to court records.
A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Kime at 11:45 a.m. Sept. 6 in front of Magisterial District Judge Jonathan Birbeck.
Kime is not listed on the Pennsylvania Sex Offender Registry.

Carlisle man charged with rape of a child Sentinel Staff August 31 2017

A notorious sex offender who once struck two young girls with a van in order to kidnap and sexually assault one of them has been released into a halfway house on numerous conditions.
Brian Edward Abrosimo's crimes shocked parents across Metro Vancouver 13 summers ago, in August 2004, and many breathed a sigh of relief when he was locked up on a 14-year prison sentence.
But documents from the Parole Board of Canada reveal the 54-year-old has been let out on what officials describe as a "one-chance" statutory release.
“Through program participation and working with your mental health team, you have made gains and have developed some understanding of your risk factors and demonstrated motivation to change,” Abrosimo was told by the board, the documents show.
"There are currently no reasonable grounds to believe you are likely to commit an offence causing death or serious harm, a sexual offence involving a child or a serious drug offence prior to the expiration of your sentence.”
The location of his halfway house hasn't been released, but the board said Abrosimo applied to move to the Okanagan. He was accepted at one community residential facility there and another in the Lower Mainland.
Before Abrosimo was caught and convicted, he had installed a mattress in the back of his van and obtained handcuffs, bolt cutters and a handgun.
The most terrifying of his crimes was his attack on an 11-year-old girl, who was bicycling with another girl in Langley when Abrosimo used his van to run them both off the road.
"You forced the 11-year-old victim into your van, gagged her and threw a blanket over her head before driving her to a different area and sexually assaulting her," Abrosimo's parole documents read.
The little girl eventually managed to escape and run for help. Her family told the parole board she continues to suffer from the “horrors of [Abrosimo's] actions,” and has had to undergo both counselling and chiropractic treatment to deal with mental and physical wounds.
Her father spoke at a parole hearing for Abrosimo earlier this month, and urged officials not to release him back into the community.
The month before that attack, in July 2004, Abrosimo raped a sex worker at gunpoint. He said the victim resembled a former partner, whom he had also previously assaulted.
Abrosimo's trial heard he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs during his horrible crimes, including crystal meth, and had been hallucinating during one of them. During his most recent psychological assessment, he told his psychologist he would never use drugs or alcohol again, and that he was not preoccupied with sexual fantasies.
There's also no indication Abrosimo used drugs while behind bars, according to the parole board.
His psychologist noted that Abrosimo is still considered a high-risk to reoffend sexually, and could remain so indefinitely, but she believes his risk can be mitigated with a structured plan and well-established support system.
His case management team agreed, which helped pave the way for his release under a dozen conditions.
They include that Abrosimo continue avoiding both drugs and alcohol, keep away from his victims and their families, and stay out of both Langley and Abbotsford.
He also must follow his mental health treatment program, report any intimate and non-sexual relationships with women to his parole supervisor, avoid being with underage girls or in areas children are likely to be found, and respect a curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted 11-year-old moves into halfway house CTV Vancouver Thursday, August 31, 2017

A SEXUAL predator groped a woman before telling her he needed to have sex before his wedding day and asking her if she was ‘up for it’.
Ian McShane was sentenced to one year in prison at Bolton Crown Court yesterday for sexually assaulting a woman in his home in Crowland Road, off Crompton Way, in Bolton, on May 22 this year.
McShane, aged 65, admitted the offence at a hearing last month.
The court heard how McShane was due to get married when the attack took place and has since done so.
Tim Greenall, prosecuting, told the court that the victim was sat on a settee at McShane’s house when he pinned her down by her shoulders.
McShane then sexually assaulted her.
His victim was too scared to fight him off as she feared doing so may escalate the situation.
McShane then grabbed her hand and directed it towards his groin before the woman said ‘no’ and managed to free herself from McShane.
He then told her that he needed to have sex before his wedding day and asked her ‘are you up for it’?
She then managed to leave the house.
Tim Greenall, prosecuting, said: “She described being shaken and scared that he may expose himself during this incident.”
In a victim personal statement, the woman said she struggles to sleep at night as a result of the attack and that she was initially too scared to tell anyone what had happened.
The court heard that she eventually confided in a friend about the incident.
She was concerned about seeing McShane in the street and before she went to the police station, went to a nearby cafe to get up the confidence to report it.
The court heard how McShane received two convictions in the 1970s, one in 1977 where he indecently assaulted a woman in the street and another in 1988 where he raped a 19-year-old woman after dragging her into some bushes.
Mark Friend, defending McShane, said that the defendant has a problem with alcohol and that he struggled to believe he had acted like this.
He added that what McShane did was ‘appalling’ and that he must be punished for it, but asked for credit for his guilty plea.
Judge Timothy Stead, when sentencing McShane, said that he has a "significant record of offending" and that the 1977 assault was a "predatory attack on a young female".
He added that when McShane seeks sexual gratification he "does not care about the interests of his victim".
Judge Stead gave McShane a restraining order to stop him contacting his victim and placed him on the sex offenders register for 10 years.
A residential social worker who raped a teenage girl in a Blackpool children's home has been brought to justice more than 20 years after his vile crimes. 

Raymond Griffin, 59, of Brisbane Place, Anchorsholme, launched degrading attacks on a girl - who was in care because her father sexually abused her

He is beginning a 19 year jail sentence after a majority jury found him guilty of three counts of rape and seven of indecent assault at a trial in July. 

Judge Robert Altham said: "It is right to say this behaviour constituted a campaign of serious sexual abuse by a person who was supposed to be taking care of someone who had already been sexually abused

"It is difficult to imagine a more serious breach of trust than a person professionally charged with the duty of looking after someone already damaged by sexual abuse to then go on and abuse that person." 

Preston Crown Court heard the attacks date back to the 1990s. Prosecuting, Richard Haworth told how the offences began shortly after the girl arrived into care, when Griffin touched himself inappropriately in front of her. She was then assaulted in the shower room, called a "slut" and told she "needed to practice". 

He also attacked her in the smoking room and her bedroom, where he told her to "stop crying". She was abused on the sand dunes near Pontins and the grounds of disused Singleton Hall on a group trip from the home

After one rape, which left her injured, Griffin told her: "You know you love it, I was doing you a favour." 

One morning, she was attacked in the lounge in her nightie and when she was sick, Griffin pushed her face into the vomit in anger. 

The girl contacted Childline from a phone box reporting she had ran away from her care home due to the abuse, and threatened to jump under a train if forced to go back. But she returned to the home and the abuse escalated. 

Police were able to trace the records when she bravely came forward in 2010, when Lancashire Police launched a probe. Prosecuting, Mr Haworth said: "It came to an end only when she moved away from the children's home. He added there was "degradation and humiliation" to the victim, who was particularly vulnerable due to her personal circumstances, and an abuse of trust

The case was investigated by Lancashire Constabulary’s Operation Fervent team, a unit set up by the Constabulary in January 2015 to investigate Historical Child sexual abuse

The team’s Dave Groombridge said: “We welcome the sentence today which reflects the gravity of these offences. “Raymond Griffin abused his position to target and prey on a vulnerable victim to satisfy his own depraved sexual desires. The impact of these crimes on the victim cannot be overstated. “

All credit must be given to the victim who was brave enough to report the offences against her and carry it through to a trial where Griffin forced them to re-live their ordeal by denying all the allegations against him. 

“Lancashire Constabulary remains committed to investigating offences of this nature, no matter how historic, and no matter what the role, position and status of the alleged offender, and we would encourage anyone who has been a victim of a sexual offence to come forward safe in the knowledge that they will be treated sensitively and professionally.” 

Amanda Hatton, Lancashire County Council's director of children's services, said: "We're very sorry for what this young woman went through and the sentence received by the perpetrator reflects the horrific nature of the crimes committed against her. 

"This happened over 20 years ago and since then, we have significantly improved our safeguarding procedures to avoid such terrible incidents happening again."
Two former camp counselors from Long Island are facing lengthy prison sentences for sex crimes against children.
According to Newsday, David Greenberg, of Selden, admitted in court that he tied up a 9-year-old boy and sexually abused him while Keith Meyn, of Oakdale, filmed it. The incident happened in fall 2013.
Greenberg said the victim was a family friend and not a camper at Kenwal Day Camp, where Greenberg and Meyn both worked. While in court, the 37-year-old Greenberg also admitted to taking sexually explicit pictures of two campers from Kenwal.
Greenberg was transported to Long Island three weeks ago from North Carolina, where he is already serving up to 35 years for sex and child porn crimes committed there.
Laura Ahearn, of Parents for Megan's Law, says knowing the warning signs can help protect kids from child predators.
"When camp counselors are a little too interested in your children or maybe want to take your children or teens outside of the camp -- those are indicators that something might be wrong," she says.
Greenberg pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal sex act and possessing a sexual performance by a child. He will be sentenced on Oct. 17 and faces 25 years in prison.
Meyn received the maximum sentence of 15 years in prison for use of a child in a sexual performance.
SPOKANE, Wash. - A man charged with sexually assaulting children he was hired to babysit was sentenced to a minimum of 23 years, 9 months in prison Wednesday.
47-year-old Troy L. Steenhard was sentenced after a jury found him guilty of Rape of a Child 1st Degree and two counts of Child Molestation 1st Degree on July 7.
Steenhard was originally arrested after a 2-month long investigation on February 14.
The investigation began in December 2016, after the Spokane County Sheriff's Office received reports that he had sexually abused two young children he was hired to babysit.
According to court documents, one of the young children told her mother: “Troy's a bad man. Troy touched us in our privates.”

Man who babysat children charged with child rape 
  • Elena Gardner 
  •  Aug 31, 2017

    A rape suspect identified as Ayuba Salihu has confessed that he lured and sexually abused an eight-year-old child with N100.
    He made that confession to the Niger State Child Right Protection Agency on Thursday.
    The suspect who is a tailor and resident of New Market, near Gwari Market in Chanchaga Local Government, admitted he had carnal knowledge of the minor.
    The 32-year-old suspect told the agency, “I saw her in front of my shop crying that she misplaced N100 out of the money she sold from pure water and I gave her the N100.
    “The following time I saw her hawking, I called her to buy water but the devil lured me into the act. “I am sorry to have engaged in such an act with a little girl, I promise never to repeat such act again, please forgive me.”
    Narrating how her granddaughter became a rape victim, the girl’s grandmother told the agency that she was sent to buy N50 pepper in the morning of Aug. 26, but did not return home till 9 p.m.
    She said, “I became worried when she did not return home early.
    “I called my step-son and we both went round looking for her because we thought she had been kidnapped. It was during the search that we saw her walking to the house at night.
    “I asked where she had being and she did not respond until my step-son started beating her that she told us where she was.
    “She confessed that a man, who is a tailor in the market, has been having sexual intercourse with her anytime she passes the area.”
    The grandmother explained further that the girls said the man lure her to a corner and sexually abuse her.
    She said that she reported the matter to officials of Drug and Crime is Haram (DC Haram) who arrested the suspect and brought him to the agency.
    Also narrating her ordeal to agency, the 8-year-old said that the suspect lured her into his shop while hawking pure water and forcefully dragged her to a deserted area and had sex with her.
    “He called me that he wanted to buy pure water, after buying the water, he held my hand and told me that we should go and flirt.
    “I told him no, but he forcefully dragged me to a lonely area and brought out his male organ and penetrate me.
    He has had carnal knowledge of me five times and after the act, sometimes he would give me N10, N50 and N100 and warned me not to tell anyone or else, he would deal with me.”
    However, the Director-General of the agency, Mairam Kolo, told reporters that the suspect would be handed over to the police for further investigation.
    Maake - A self-proclaimed prophet has been arrested after for raping four young girls for more than eight months in Burgersdorp in the Eastern Cape.
    Police said the 32-year-old suspect targeted the victims who were working at his church as ushers.
    "Allegations are that this pastor raped all these victims inside the church on different dates after he invited them one by one to come to the church for prayer and while busy praying, he will then attack the victim and rape them," said police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe.
    The suspect will appear before Lenyenye Magistrate Court soon on four charges of rape.

    A Fall River child rapist who sexually assaulted four children, killed the family cat and abused two dogs was sentenced to a decade in prison yesterday.
    Gary Rose, 33, pleaded guilty in Fall River Superior Court yesterday to rape of a child-aggravated by age difference, rape of a child with force, two counts of strangulation, two counts of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14, two counts of assault and battery and one count of animal cruelty.
    In addition to the sexual and physical assaults of the children, the defendant was also convicted of poisoning the family cat with a fluid used in car ... kicking one family dog in the face causing it to lose teeth and kicking another family dog down a stairwell,” Fall River District Attorney Thomas Quinn’s office said in a statement.
    Judge Thomas McGuire sentenced Rose to 10 years in prison. Rose was also ordered to seven years of probation when he is released from prison.
    The conditions of probation include having no contact with the victims, being fitted with a GPS monitoring device, registering as a sex offender and undergoing sex offender, batterers, and anger management counseling.
    Rose is also prohibited from living with, working with or volunteering with children, can’t own pets and can’t work with animals.
    The defendant physically and sexually abused young children who couldn’t defend themselves. He also killed and tortured several animals present in the home,” Quinn said in a statement. “The ten year prison sentence without parole, and the probationary period will protect the victims, who have since moved out of the state, from any further abuse.”

    Ten years in prison for Fall River child rapist O’Ryan Johnson September 01, 2017


    Paedo sentenced for child sexual abuse, child porn 6 SETTEMBRE 2017

    Paedo police officer arrested for sexually abusing 11-year-old girl 6 SETTEMBRE 2017

    New paedo priest accused in Catholic sexual abuse case 6 SETTEMBRE 2017

    Paedo teacher had child rape videos 5 SETTEMBRE 2017

    Paedo sentenced for watching live sex abuse of a 6-year-old child 5 SETTEMBRE 2017

    Paedo arrested for sexually abusing blind school kids 5 SETTEMBRE 2017

    Paedo teacher on trial for sexually abusing 4 girls 4 SETTEMBRE 2017

    Paedo used fake social media accounts to film child sexual abuse 4 SETTEMBRE 2017

    Paedo babysitter sexually assaulted boys, one as young as 3 4 SETTEMBRE 2017

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