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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


martedì 1 agosto 2017

Paedo baby-sitter, boyfriend sexually abused 11 months old children

A Texas woman has been accused of sexually assaulting children with her boyfriend and photographing them for exploitation.

Ashley Virginia Dack, 29, has been charged with sexual performance by a child and super aggravated sexual assault of a child after she and her boyfriend, Patrick Schuneman, performed sex acts on children as young as 11 months old, according to KPRC.
Dack was a baby-sitter in the Houston area, which gave her access to a number of potential victims. She and Shuneman would reportedly send sexually explicit text messages to each other about the abuse.
Dack was caught after she bragged about her sexual exploits to a friend. When the friend was asked by Dack to charge her phone, she backed up the text messages, which she later turned over to authorities.
Authorities obtained search warrants for both Dack and Shuneman's residences, at which a number of items were seized, including an iPhone that contained a number of disturbing and graphic text messages.
Dack: Oh honey?  I never know.  There is a little girl at lunch with blonde pig tails, kept dancing around on the floor. Wanted you 2 to be hiding in my car and I could bring her 2 you. Maybe 4 [years of age]. 
Schuneman:  Would love that. Would you join us or leave us alone?
Dack: Join you. We could use the seat belt to hold her down and wrap around her neck so she couldn't wiggle because it would get tighter and tighter
Schuneman: She'd be so scared
Dack: But no one could hear her if we were in my car
Schuneman:  I would hold her neck and head as you pulled her pants off
Police say an image sent via text message shows Dack inappropriately touching an 11-month-old child.
"The defendant and co-defendant shared text messages over time that suggest something more sadistic than your typical sexual abuse," said prosecutor Stephen Driver.
After investigators tracked down the mother of the 11-month-old, it was revealed that Dack had baby-sat the child on May 10, 2013 -- the day the text messages and photos were sent to Shuneman.
Investigators say it became apparent after reviewing the text messages sent between Dack and Shuneman that the couple were conspiring together to sexually abuse children and take photographs and videos in the process for their own sexual gratification.
Dack was held in jail in lieu of $350,000 bail. Prosecutors believe she is a flight risk and a judge ruled that if she posted bail, she must surrender her passport and wear an ankle monitor.
Sources: KPRCWGHP 

Baby-Sitter Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Children (Photos) July 31, 2017 Brendan Kelly 

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