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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


martedì 1 agosto 2017


After getting out of prison in 2008 for raping a child in Billings, Ernest Evans Coleman wasn't supposed to have contact with kids.
His parole officer says Coleman, who lives in Missoula, has had repeated contact with at least two children over the past two years. That includes volunteering with kids at a food bank without disclosing his sex offender status.
Coleman, 70, appeared in Yellowstone County District Court in light of the new allegations. District Judge Mary Jane Knisely allowed him to remain free on a $10,000 bond that he previously posted.
Coleman's history of sexual crimes against children goes back to 1985, when he was convicted for sexual abuse of a boy in North Dakota. He admitted to abusing nine other victims at that time, according to court documents. He served three years in prison.
A 9-year-old boy reported to police in 1995 that Coleman molested him twice. Coleman was sentenced in 1997 to 25 years in prison. He was released in 2008 after serving 11 years.
Coleman reported to a parole officer in Missoula. That officer reported that Coleman seemed to be doing well and "did a good job making things look rosy on the surface," court documents state.
But earlier this year, the mother of a 10-year-old boy reported that Coleman took the child into his home "for a haircut." The report says that he took the same child out of town another time, and the boy helped Coleman with lawn work for five hours.
The contact was unsupervised.
His parole officer then learned that Coleman had been volunteering at the Clark Fork City Church Food Bank in Missoula, where he'd been meeting multiple boys for years.
Conditions of his parole include no contact with children and that he can't frequent places where children are present. The food bank utilizes kids as volunteers.
Through the food bank, Coleman began contacting one boy when he was 14, and the relationship lasted two years. In her report, Coleman's parole officer characterized it as an "opportunity to groom yet another boy." 
The mother of that teen said Coleman never disclosed that he was a sex offender, court documents state.
Coleman offered the boy money, even for college. When the boy's family moved out of state, Coleman offered to pay for him to come back to Missoula, where Coleman would give him a job. He told the family that he "really liked" the teen and "wanted to help him," court documents say.
None of the contact in the report was sexual in nature.
When the parole officer asked Coleman about this, he replied that he "knew in his heart that he would not touch any kids again," according to the report. The officer included a signed note from Coleman admitting to the contact.
The officer noted that this was "nearly identical" to what Coleman said about his victim in the 1995 case. She recommended that Coleman receive another suspended sentence with the Department of Corrections and that he re-enter treatment.
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A justice on Thursday sentenced a man convicted of sodomizing a young girl in Port Richmond two years ago to 15 years in prison, castigating the defendant for violating the sanctity of the little girl's home.
"A child should be safe and secure in her or his home, even more safe and secure in her or his bedroom," Justice William E. Garnett said as he imposed sentence on Daniel Nieto. "By his inexcusable acts against [the victim], the defendant breached the safety and security of a 7-year-old's home."
The victim, now 9, who testified against Nieto at trial, did not attend the proceeding, nor did her family.
Assistant District Attorney Victoria Levin said the girl and her kin had been "victimized enough" by the defendant's actions, as well as having to endure the rigors of a trial.
Gillian Kress, one of Nieto's lawyers, told the court he would appeal.
Last month, a jury in state Supreme Court, St. George convicted Nieto, 34, of first-degree criminal sexual act, formerly classified as sodomy, and first-degree sexual abuse stemming from the Aug. 6, 2015 incident.
Jurors acquitted him of first-degree rape.
First-degree criminal sexual act and first-degree rape are both "B" level felonies. Sexual abuse is a lower felony.
During the trial, prosecutors told jurors a drunken Nieto, then 32, walked into the victim's home through an unlocked rear door around 2:30 a.m. He went into the little girl's bedroom, told her in Spanish to be quiet, then forcibly held her down and raped and sodomized her, prosecutors alleged.
The defense contended Nieto, who lived in New Jersey, intended to crash for the night in an abandoned house next door, and entered the girl's home "by mistake" after a day of drinking and smoking pot.
He quickly realized his error, left the house and did not sexually attack the victim, contended Kress and her co-counsel Christina Paliogiannis.
Moreover, the defense maintained there was no forensic evidence, such as DNA or fingerprints, linking Nieto to a sexual attack. And a medical exam within 24 hours of the episode revealed no sign of injury or vaginal penetration, said the defense.
The victim, now 9, was prosecutors' key witness.
She testified a man knocked on her door, entered and told her to remove her clothes. She said she did so because he was an adult and children are supposed to listen to adults.
The girl said Nieto then molested her.
The child had, at times, seemed confused while testifying. But prosecutors contended the victim and her mother, who also testified, had no reason to lie about what happened, because there was undeniable evidence.
Nieto's jacket was found in the girl's bedroom, and even more importantly, his T-shirt was discovered in her bedsheets, prosecutors said.
Levin, who along with Assistant District Attorney Tuesday Muller-Mondi prosecuted the case, requested the maximum sentence of 25 years be imposed for the criminal sexual act conviction, plus a consecutive term of seven years for the sexual abuse conviction.
"The defendant's actions were calculated, selfish and vile," said Levin. "He is a danger to society, just as he was a danger to [the victim]."
In a statement released after Nieto's conviction, District Attorney Michael E. McMahon had said the defendant took advantage of the girl and committed "truly disturbing and abhorrent crimes."
Kress, the defense lawyer, asked for the minimum of five years.
"Mr. Nieto has always denied these charges," she said, adding her client has no history of sex crimes or violent crimes.
A short man garbed in a dark gray suit, and white open-collar shirt, the defendant declined to make a statement before Garnett imposed sentence.
Besides 15 years in prison, Nieto is subject to 10 years' post-release supervision for the criminal sexual act conviction.
The judge also sentenced him to a concurrent term of five behind bars and three years' post-release supervision for the sexual abuse conviction.
In addition, Nieto must register with state authorities as a sexual offender.
A 22-year-old Dunlap, Tenn., man was arrested on a charge of rape of a child in an ongoing investigation.
Dakota A. Waldrop is charged currently with rape of a child but more charges are likely involving the same victim, Dunlap Police Chief Clint Huth said on Friday.
The victim is a girl under the age of 13, Huth said. Waldrop is an acquaintance of the victim's family.
Huth said the abuse happened back in November but only came to light a couple of weeks ago.
"When we first got wind of this, one of the first things we did was take the victim to the Child Advocacy Center in Chattanooga and we did a forensic interview with the victim," Huth said. "The day that we arrested him, we interviewed him."
The chief said there "were a lot of similarities" between the victim's and suspect's statements.
The investigation is continuing, but Huth said there was no indication so far that there is more than one victim.
Huth also said additional victims have not been ruled out either.
Waldrop has been in trouble with the law before.
"We have arrested him six times since he's turned 18," Huth said.
Charges included domestic assault, disorderly conduct, shoplifting, criminal trespassing and criminal impersonation, the chief said. Huth said a couple of those prior cases have not yet been disposed of in court.
Waldrop appeared in Dunlap General Sessions Court on Thursday but Judge Tommy Austin did not set a bond. The Public Defender's office was appointed to represent Waldrop, Huth said.
Waldrop's next court date is set for Aug. 14.
Anyone with any information regarding the investigation is urged to call the Dunlap Police Department at 423-949-3319.
A Campti sex offender remains in jail after being accused of sexual abusing a juvenile, according to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office.
Deputies were called to the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center the night of July 17 because a juvenile younger than 12 was being treated for abuse. The child had been brought to the hospital by the mother.
Detectives, state child welfare officials and sexual assault nurse examiners were notified about the case. The child was interviewed with the mother present and evidence was collected. Detectives also asked for the help of the Children's Advocacy Network in Alexandria.
The suspect was identified as 31-year-old Kennedrick Jerome Phillips, a Tier I sex offender who had been convicted in 2004 of indecent behavior with a juvenile in Natchitoches Parish.
Detectives soon were granted an arrest warrant for Phillips, and he was arrested with the help of the Campti Police Department. Phillips, of the 100 block of Waddell Street, was charged with two counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile.
Anyone with information regarding Phillips is asked to contact Detective Derrick Sowell at 318-357-7830.
NORRISTOWN >> Two men have been charged after police allege the pair committed crimes against children.
Aron Gremore, 38, of Ambler, and Troy M. Reese, 32, of Sicklerville, N.J., have been charged by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office for separate incidents involving the exploitation of children.
Police said on June 8 that Abington Township Police conducted an undercover, electronic communications operation in order to identify those possessing and sharing child pornography. The investigation located a computer that was sharing files of child pornography, police said. When detectives directly connected to the computer, they received 66 sexually explicit video files. It was determined that the files depicted children under 18 engaged in sexual acts or poses. The computer was traced to Gremore’s home where detectives executed a search warrant and seized his computer.
A forensic examination of the computer revealed sexually explicit images of child pornography.
Gremore was arrested on July 27 and charged with dissemination of child pornography, sexual abuse of children and criminal use of a communication facility. He was arraigned before District Judge Patricia A. Zaffarano and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Aug. 8 again before Zaffarano. Gremore was unable to post the set $250,000 bail and is being held at Montgomery County Correctional Facility.
Reese was arrested by East Norriton Detectives following an undercover investigation into the illegal solicitation of minors online for sexual contact. Police said East Norriton Detectives replied to an advertisement posing as a 13-year-old girl and began speaking with Reese. When asked, the detective provided a photo of a 13-year-old girl. Communication continued with Reese on multiple occasions after the detective stated that he was only 13-years-old. Reese continued to send sexually explicit messages and arranged a meeting, police said.
On July 21, Reese arrived at the designated meeting place in Conshohocken. After identifying Reese’s car, detectives called the cellphone number they had used to communicate with Reese and observed the phone ringing inside his vehicle.
Reese was arrested and charged with criminal intent to commit involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child under 16, statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor and criminal use of a communication facility. He was arraigned before District Judge Elizabeth McHugh Casey and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Aug. 3 before District Judge Deborah A. Lukens. Bail was set at $50,000.

Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Hillman announced, Friday morning, the sentences of two men, David Milcendeau, 58, of Waynesville, and Darien Kissel, 20, of Richland, who were prosecuted for sexual crimes against children.
Milcendeau, a former police officer, was arrested in July 2015 by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD) for Child Molestation in the First Degree and Statutory Sodomy in the First Degree.
Milcendeau was the subject of a press release by then, Sheriff Ronald Long, at the time of his arrest because a deputy was injured by a vicious dog owned by Milcendeau. The deputy suffered “significant, but not serious, injury” during the arrest.
Milcendeau was convicted of both charges, according to Hillman, and a jury recommended that he be sentenced to life imprisonment plus fifteen years. The case was prosecuted by Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Ken Clayton and Bryce Crowley in Phelps County, as the case was moved there on a change of venue. Judge Beger followed the Phelps County jury’s recommendation.
Kissel pleaded guilty to Statutory Sodomy in the First Degree at a pretrial conference, Hillman reported.
Kissel’s charges stemmed from several incidents where he sexually assaulted a five-year-old child last year while she was in his care. The probable cause statement in Kissel’s case asked that he be charged with Statutory Rape in the first degree, Statutory Sodomy in the first degree, Child Molestation in the first degree, Sexual Misconduct Involving a Child, Sexual Abuse, and Furnishing Pornographic Material to a Minor.
Richland Police Department investigated Kissel’s case and it was prosecuted by Hillman and Clayton.
Judge Hickle sentenced Kissel to 30 years in the Department of Corrections, after he pleaded guilty to Statutory Sodomy.
“I am very proud that my office has sent five sex offenders to prison for significant prison sentences this month,” Hillman said. “Getting these sex offenders off the street and into prison makes Pulaski County a safer place to live. I want to commend the excellent police work of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and Richland Police Departments for their investigation of these cases. I also want to thank the efforts of the staff at Kids’ Harbor for their work on these cases. Finally, I want to commend my staff for their hard work getting sentences such as these.” 
A Holliday man is accused of sexually assaulting a child from the time the victim was in second grade to the fourth grade.
Lloyd Walter James, 53, is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child-continuous in connection with the incident. His bond is set at $500,000 and he was in Archer County Jail Friday morning.
According to an arrest affidavit:
James's spouse contacted went to the Wichita County Sheriff's Office on July 18 and reported the sexual abuse. She said that James had confessed to her that he had inappropriately touched a child and that he advised his wife "to sell things and just move away." James then took some money and left the state.
An Archer County Sheriff's deputy went to Patsy's House Child Advocacy Center on July 21 to observe the forensic interview of the victim. The child said the abuse happened multiple times over several years beginning when she was in the second grade.
She is now in the fourth grade.
The victim stated James had touched her in her private areas. She said he rubbed her and indicated that penetration was also involved.
The child said the most recent incident was in July.
The ACSO contacted James and asked if he would meet at their office to discuss the allegations. He said that he had hired an attorney and would not meet without his attorney present. The ACSO also reported in the affidavit that they contacted the attorney, at which time they were told they would go to the sheriff's office to provide a statement, but did not do so.
The charge against James is a first degree felony.
BELVIDERE — A 43-year-old man was sentenced to 65 years in prison in for sexual assault involving a child under 13, according to a news release from Boone County State’s Attorney’s Office.
Arturo Indoval, of Rockford, was found guilty in March by a jury of four counts of predatory criminal sexual assault and two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving a child under the age of 13, the new release states.
Judge C. Robert Tobin III sentenced Indoval.
First Assistant Lise M. Lombardo and Felony Assistant Joshua A. Versluys represented the state in the jury trial, which lasted two and-a-half days, the news release states.

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