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Paedo sexually abused children as young as 4-months-old

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, MI -- A 27-year-old man faces multiple charges after authorities claim he sexually abused young children and made por...


venerdì 28 luglio 2017


A 68-year-old American Canyon man may face life in prison after being convicted of child molestation charges in Napa County Superior Court on Friday, according to the Napa County District Attorney’s Office.
Following a one week trial before Judge Francisca P. Tisher, a jury found Jimmie Leonne Mallette guilty of three counts of oral copulation with a child under the age of 10, two counts of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child under the age of 14, and one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14.
Mallette, accused of molesting a young boy multiple times over the course of two years, testified on his own behalf, claiming that both the boy and another victim who testified against him had initiated the sexual contact, according to the DA’s office.
“Each of Mr. Mallette’s victims were extremely brave by confronting their molester during this trial,” Deputy District Attorney Kecia Lind said. “As a result of their courage, the jury was able to reach a quick decision to find the defendant guilty of all charges in this case … Mr. Mallette will never be able to harm another child again.” 

  • A man who sexually abused children in Bolton has been jailed for 12 years today at Bolton Crown Court.
    Warren Kirkby 62, of Westleigh Lane, Leigh pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to a range of sexual offences, including indecency with a child, indecent assault on a child, and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.
    Between 1977 and 2006 Kirkby sexually abused four girls, some of whom were aged five and six, at the time the abuse started.
    Kirkby’s offending came to light when one of the victims called police and made a report against Kirkby of sexual abuse in June 2014.
    “Firstly, I want to commend the victims’ bravery for supporting our investigations, during what has been a difficult time. The effect this has had on them has been profound, but with their help, we have been able to ensure Kirkby is behind bars and cannot prey on any more young girls.“This has been a difficult and harrowing enquiry that has taken three years for justice to finally be found for these victims.
    Kirkby is a sexual predator who abused children for decades. This sentence reflects the fact that if you commit serious sexual offences, time will not be a hiding place and eventually you will be caught.”

    Man jailed for 12 years for sexually abusing children in Bolton 25 July 2017

    LOGAN — A 39-year-old Richmond man has admitted to sexually abusing two girls years ago. Dustin J. Mangum accepted a plea deal Tuesday in 1st District Court, three-weeks before he was expected to go on trial.
    Mangum pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child, one count for each victim. Both charges are first-degree felonies and carry a maximum sentence of up to life in prison. As part of the agreement, prosecutors dropped 23 remaining charges against him.
    State attorneys allege Mangum sexually abused a girl in May 2003. The victim, who is a teenager now, claims the defendant engaged in oral sex with her when she was around four-years-old.
    The second victim is an 11-year-old girl who claims she was also sexually abused and molested over the course of several years, before the defendant was arrested August 19, 2016.
    During Tuesday’s hearing, Judge Kevin Allen scheduled Mangum to appear again in court August 28 for sentencing. He also ordered him to undergo a pre-sentence report, done by probation agents about his criminal history.

    Mangum remains in the Cache County Jail, being held without bail.

    Richmond man admits to sexually abusing 2 girls July 25, 2017 Will Feelright

    A Sweet Home man will spend nearly three years in prison after pleading no contest to attempted first-degree sex abuse and second-degree sex abuse.
    Curtis Wade Johnson, 48, who has a third-degree rape conviction on his record, received 35 months for the attempted sex abuse charge, and 25 months for the second-degree sex abuse charge. 
    Johnson was arrested Oct. 19, for first-degree sexual abuse. The charges stem from an incident on Jan. 23 of the same year, when Johnson was accused of forcing a minor child to touch him in an inappropriate manner. Because the victim was younger than 12, the Measure 11 crime carried a possible sentence of 25 years.
    At the sentencing, Prosecutor Ani Yardumian asked the court for a five-year sentence, citing aggravating factors in the case, specifically that the victim was not cognitively aware. She also cited a statement where Johnson said he was so intoxicated he could not remember the evening in question, but also told others he was "only moving a pillow" when the offense occurred.

    A former Venice daycare owner has been sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty to molesting seven young girls.
    Alfred C. Session, 70, pleaded guilty to seven counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, a Class 2 felony. Each count represents a different victim.
    The abuse spanned a 24-year period, from 1990 to 2014, according to a news release from the Madison County Prosecutor’s office, but the case was not prosecuted until late 2014 when one of the victims came forward.
    Investigations show that the abuse took place at Session’s home, and that all seven of the victims knew Sessions prior to the abuse. Due to privacy reasons, information about the victims will not be released. However, initial charges filed in early 2015 said the girls were younger than 13.
    A jury trial was to take place July 17, but while talking to victims, prosecutors decided to accept a negotiated plea deal to spare the victims the possible trauma of testifying in front of a jury, according to the news release.
    Session used to own the Sugars Day Care center on Washington Street in Venice. He will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

    ENID, Okla. — A 33-year-old Enid man was sentenced Monday to 18 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to a felony count of lewd acts with a child under 16.
    Samuel Wade Cody Athens originally was charged July 7, 2016, with child sexual abuse. The charge accused him of having sex with a 7-year-old girl.
    Athens entered his plea of guilty to the amended charge before District Judge Paul Woodward. He was ordered to serve 18 years in department of corrections custody, with credit for time served; have post imprisonment supervision; register as a sex offender upon his release; and pay court costs, $50 to the victims compensation fund, a $150 DNA fee, court and jail costs.
    Athen was arrested at his place of employment in Medford June 6, 2016, by Enid Police Department Detective Randy Wilson.
    According to an affidavit filed in the case, EPD received a report June 30, 2016, involving a 7-year-old girl.
    The girl's mother told police she left her house to go to the convenience store close to midnight June 29, 2017, leaving all three of her children in bed and being watched by her live-in boyfriend, Athens, according to the affidavit. The woman said when she returned from the store, her 5-year-old daughter was yelling and banging on her mother's bedroom door.
    The woman told police she attempted to open the door, but it was locked, as was a second door to the bedroom when she checked, according to the affidavit. The woman said she began banging on the door and yelling at Athens.
    She said when Athens opened the door her 7-year-old daughter was inside. The mother told police she asked her daughter what she was doing in the bedroom and the girl said she was helping Athens clean, according to the affidavit. She said she asked her daughter to tell her what she was really doing because she never cleans.
    The next day, when Athens was gone, the 7-year-old went to her mother and told her not to be all sad and that Athens had touched her, according to the affidavit.
    The woman said she asked the 7-year-old what she meant, and the girl pointed toward her private area and stated Athens made her touch his private area to make him happy, according to the affidavit. The woman told police the girl told her Athens had abused her sexually. The 7-year-old's grandmother also told police the girl told her Athens had touched her private area with his finger and it hurt, according to the affidavit. The woman said she asked her granddaughter how many times, and the girl replied "a lot."
    On July 1, a forensic interview was conducted with the 7-year-old girl. During the interview, the girl disclosed sexual intercourse occurred with Athens, according to the affidavit. The girl described Athens performing inappropriate acts upon her and quantified it as happening "a lot." The girl also said the night she was locked in the bedroom with Athens a molestation occurred.
    A pediatric sexual assault examination performed that day resulted in several findings that were consistent with the girl's statements, according to the examiner.

    Man sentenced to 18 years for lewd acts with a child under 16 Cass Rains July 25 2017

    A man accused of forcing a child to have inappropriate sexual contact with him is held on $200,000 bond after his arraignment in Jackson City Court.
    Arsenio Hines, 28, is charged with rape of a child. Court documents say the victim is 12-years-old.
    The child's mother brought the child to a local hospital for a rape kit, according to court documents. The child later spoke with a forensic interviewer at the Child Advocacy Center, and described in detail what happened.
    Hines was arrested on July 21 and interviewed by investigators with the Jackson Police Department.
    Court documents say Hines admitted to investigators that the contact occurred, as the child had described, near the child's home.

    A man convicted of raping a child twice, once when she was 10 and again when she was 11, received the maximum penalty Thursday at his sentencing hearing.

    Trendell Ray Brady, 34, received an 80-year prison sentence without parole after being convicted of two counts of child rape, WVLT reported.
    WBIR reports that prosecutors presented evidence to the jury dating back to 2003 when Brady became romantically involved with a family member of the victim, who was seven-years-old at the time.
    Brady babysat the victim and her siblings occasionally while he dated the victim’s family member. Prosecutors say it was during this period that he sexually assaulted and molested the victim, causing her to become pregnant when she was ten years old and again when she turned 11 years old. DNA tests proved in both cases that Brady was the father.
    WATE reports that authorities did not learn of the situation until several years later. Once they were notified, investigators with the Knoxville Police Department took Brady in for questioning. Brady confessed to raping the girl in the interview with investigators.
    But during the trial, Brady tried to pass off the blame to his twin brother. Jurors, who remained unconvinced, found him guilty at his trial in June, WREG reported.
    “There are not enough years in prison Brady can serve to repair the damage that has been done,” said Knox County District Attorney Charme Allen. “However, the lengthy sentence in this case will ensure that Brady is never again able to harm a child.”
    According to the district attorney’s office, each count of child rape carries a penalty of 25 to 40 years in prison. Prosecutors sought the maximum sentence for each count and asked the judge if the sentences could run consecutively so Brady would serve 80 years without parole.

    Man Gets 80 Years in Prison for Raping a Child Twice in Tennessee KATHERINE RODRIGUEZ24 Jul 2017

    LOCK HAVEN — Michael S. Grenninger, 35, of 502 W. Grape St., Castanea Township, is in the Clinton County Correctional Facility on $250,000 bail, accused of sexually abusing children.
    Grenninger was arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation Northeast Computer Crime Unit, with assistance by state police at Lamar.
    He is charged with numerous counts of sexual abuse of children in relation to manufacturing, disseminating and possessing child pornography.
    The arrest follows the execution of a search warrant at the Grape Street address Tuesday in reference to a child pornography investigation.
    The search warrant stemmed from an Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) investigation in which a task force member with the identity of an 11-year-old girl was contacted by Grenninger over online chat and offered money in return for sexual acts, according to a press release from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.
    Upon obtaining and serving the search warrant on his residence, police found numerous electronic devices, and evidence of child pornography was found on several of them, according to the release.
    As a result, Grenninger was charged with numerous counts of sexual abuse of children, along with one count of criminal use of a communication facility.
    Preliminary arraignment was held Wednesday morning before District Judge Joseph Sanders III, and Grenninger was remanded to jail.
    A preliminary hearing is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.
    The Bureau of Criminal Investigation was assisted by Christiansburg Police Department in Virginia, Williamsport Bureau of Police, state police at Lamar and state police Troop F Polygraph Unit.

    CHILD RAPISTS 152 27 LUGLIO 2017

    Paedo pensioner jailed for sadistic child sexual abuse 27 LUGLIO 2017

    Paedo care worker jailed for sexually abusing children 27 LUGLIO 2017

    Paedo soldier jailed for child rape 27 LUGLIO 2017

    Paedo church minister raped girls during exorcisms 27 LUGLIO 2017

    Paedo rabbi raped minor student hundreds of times 27 LUGLIO 2017

    Paedo sentenced for raping 2 young girls 27 LUGLIO 2017

    Hundreds of child migrants sent to 'paedophile rings' 22 luglio 2017

    Apps for Pedophiles 2 #Listentoyourselfie 20 luglio 2017

    Age Verification System 18 luglio 2017

    CHILD PORN ADDICTION 12 24 luglio 2017

    Porn Addicted Rapists 51 24 luglio 2017

    Paedo sodomized a sleeping 7-year-old girl, videotaped the act 28 LUGLIO 2017

    Paedo couple jailed for sexually abusing 4-year-old girl 28 LUGLIO 2017

    Paedo swimming coach sexually abused dozens of children 28 LUGLIO 2017

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